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The Wed Mag’s Best of 2020

If you’ve been with us from the very beginning, you would have known that The Wed Mag was born at the height of the pandemic. Helpless as we were sitting at home, our deep-seated (pun-intended! Hahaha) desire to help couples stranded with their wedding plans became The Wed Mag – an avenue for us to extend a guiding hand.

With that simple objective, we chugged through 2020 generating as many resources as we could to help couples pick up their plans and move ahead. So here we are, with still a very long way to go but very much comforted that some of you were able to gather insights and navigate your way through the storm that was 2020. 


Here are our best articles in 2020 that had resonated with many of you:

1. Where to Get Bridal Face Masks in Singapore

What an unexpected accessory to make it to the must-prep item for couples and guests all around. This article lists down many local seamstresses and designers brave enough to step in and take on the task of shielding our faces for the big day, and beautifully so!

2. How These 2 Singaporean Couples Have Made the Decision to Stick to Their Original Wedding Date

The same question that befalls every single couple planning their wedding in 2020 – to cancel or not? It is the simplest of questions but involves an entire network of stakeholders and you are dangerously approaching a complete bridal meltdown. Before you even come to that, we brought in people in the same shoes to share their planning and decision process.

3. Virtual Wedding Live Streaming Providers

Like how Zoom emerged and quickly became a big part of our lives in 2020, wedding live streaming had solidified its role in wedding celebrations this past year. This article lists down some vendors you can reach out to, to connect with your guests from all over the world and across time zones.

4. COVID-19 Weddings in Hotels, an Insight With Grand Hyatt Singapore

Hotel banquets have always been the most common ways to host a wedding reception in Singapore. Without attending a wedding yourself recently, you might be lost as to how venues are managing the various changes in this new climate. As part of our Covid-19 series, Grand Hyatt shared with us how they adhere and manage the changing guidelines.

5. How to Plan a COVID-19 Wedding?

You might be revising your wedding plans entirely, or have started to plan with the pandemic in mind. How should you start? This article has some simple tips to help!

6. Differences in the Roles of Wedding Planner, Coordinator, Stylist and Venue Manager

Planning fatigue only came into our vocabulary in 2020 but it is becoming the reasons why couples are seeking professional help. If you’re unsure about what services each of them provides, this articles explains the differences between different professionals you can engage and let you decide what form of help you need the most.

Let us know if these were helpful resources for you the past year.

It may be idealistic to wish that 2021 may magically be better than the year we just bid goodbye to, but it is truly up to us to make it a better one. We have exciting projects and articles coming up in the new year. We also hope to connect more with you and to see more of you celebrating in your own ways. We’re definitely looking forward but till then, Happy New Year!

Feature image – Photo by Evie S. on Unsplash

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