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How These 2 Singaporean Couples Have Made the Decision to Stick to Their Original Wedding Date in Nov 2020 and Jan 2021.

This article is part of our Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic: Covid-19 series.

With COVID-19 measures being constantly updated, some couples have opted to take the approach of sticking to their original wedding date. Some do it in a pro-active way by adapting their wedding plans according to the most recent measures while some have taken time to take a breather.

No matter which league you’re on, to give you some insights on how these couples are managing, we hear from them about how their planning journey has been like and how they stay on top of their plans (and sane at the same time) during this period of fluidity.  

Note that the interviews were conducted before the announcement of increased capacity limits on 23 Sep 2020.


Taking Time to Make a Decision – How a Wedding Florist Is Pausing Her Plans for Now

The brilliant florist at Floral Magic, Linnette is getting hitched with her F&B entrepreneur partner Keith! Set for 16th January 2021, they are keeping to the date but pausing their plans for now.

Photo from Linnette and Keith

1. Describe your plans for your wedding day pre-COVID-19

Lots of flowers (duh!), food (duh!) and partying.

2. Use a word to describe your feelings when the pandemic struck.


3. How did the plan change?

At this point (3 months to the wedding!), we have absolutely nothing planned for, except for the ceremony which will be held in church. We had a 350 guest list for that, and at this point bringing it down to 50 is almost impossible.

4. How did you overcome the feelings you experienced when the plan changed?

I don’t think I’ve overcome the process and emotions, I get jittery every day thinking about how much more we have to plan and get done and HOW we are going to do it.

I cannot be more thankful for a partner that is so patient who eases me every day.

Through that, I find myself keeping focus on why we are getting married in the first place, and the kind of marriage we want beyond this celebration.

5. Were there any wedding professionals who helped you along the way?

It is the luckiest thing – being in the wedding industry – everyone who’s been a friend has extended help! Right now, we’re doing away with professional help, but I am seriously considering the option, haha.

6. Any tips for groom/bride-to-be who are facing the same situation?

FOCUS ON THE MARRIAGE. I cannot say this enough.


Staying Positive and Patient

Executives Shiling and Weiyang have their big day set for 29th Nov 2020 and are planning their big day around prevailing government measures!

Photo from Shiling and Weiyang

1. Describe your plans for your wedding day pre-COVID-19.

Our contract with the hotel was for 100 pax. We have booked our photographer, videographer and gown package (including makeup artist) before COVID-19 started. We have also informally invited our guests and soft-booked our bridesmaids and groomsmen, emcee (friend) to assist us on the big day. On the actual day, we intend to have a Gate Crash, an outdoor photo shoot with our bridesmaids and groomsmen, solemnization at the hotel followed by Tea Ceremony with our relatives and then a lunch banquet. We were also considering getting some finger food from local bakeries and to decorate a photo album table to keep our guests entertained during the reception.

2. Use a word to describe your feelings when the pandemic struck.


3. How did the plan change?

As our actual date is in November, when COVID-19 started and the government announced the restriction during the Circuit Breaker and Phase 1, we decided to wait till July/August before approaching our hotel to discuss the plans for the wedding. All planning were put to a stop during the Circuit Breaker.

We were quite certain that we would be proceeding with our original plans to get married on 29 Nov 2020 and to adjust the rest of the activities according to whatever restriction the government has at the point in time. It will be too much of a hassle to re-plan and reconfirm our vendors as we have already booked most of the essential ones. Furthermore, the restriction in 2021 might not be that much of a difference for a Nov 2020 wedding. We have only re-started our planning in August after the Phase 2 restrictions were announced.

The current plan is to keep the guest list within 50 pax as per agreed with the hotel. To keep the “fetch the bride” process minimum, we will not be having any gate crash and the outdoor photo shoot will only be for the bride and groom. Solemnization will be kept at 20 guests and we are considering doing a “live broadcast” to the rest of the families and friends who cannot attend the ceremony.

We are having a headache now in deciding who should be in the wedding party of 20 pax as our immediate family members already made up 14 pax.  As for the tea ceremony, we plan to wait till October or early November to see if the government can relax the restriction a bit more as currently they only allow the wedding party of 20 pax for the tea ceremony (during banquet) but we have more relatives to serve tea to.

For the banquet, we are limiting relatives to 2-3 pax within the same family so that we can accommodate some of our close friends.  We will not be inviting our colleagues as our workplaces are spilt into different teams for cohorting and we are not supposed to meet colleagues from the other teams. We are still struggling on how we should inform the guest whom we had informally invited in Jan/Feb that we are not able to invite them now.

We will not have any refreshment served during reception and photo album table is also not allowed. (Heng) We haven’t purchased much decorative items and have yet to print the album. There will also not be any flower girls as no throwing of petals is allowed. No Yum Seng too (but we’re still hoping for a “soft” cheer though).

Currently, we are also not allowed to mingle with the rest of the 30 pax guest but we are thinking if there are any other ways that we can still engage our guests without breaking any rules. *keeping fingers cross that this can be relaxed too.

We might not have overnight stays at our hotel too as it is currently used as an SHN (Stay-Home-Notice) facilities.


4. How did you overcome the feelings you experienced when the plan changed?

We try to be positive and to look on the bright side – we will be saving more money from downsizing the wedding and keeping it intimate with close friends only.

We also always wait for further information on new rules before jumping into conclusion from half heard information from unofficial announcements.

5. Were there any wedding professionals who helped you along the way?

Only our hotel point-of-contact who gave us the guidelines and I got most of the tips and “forecast” of any possible situation we might face from a Facebook group called “Budget Brides”. 

6. Any tips for groom/bride-to-be who are facing the same situation?

To plan in advance and have a concept of what you want. We will also have to be flexible on the changes along the way and not be nasty to your vendors as this is also a difficult situation for them. Try to find a win-win solution and give and take on certain parts to achieve your plans.

7. Given the decision you’ve made ultimately, would you have wish you had done it in a different way?

Nope. I had my pre-wedding shoot in January this year in Thailand and I was questioned by friends on why I had it so early despite my wedding date being in November. This was actually the best decision I have made as I get to travel overseas for my photoshoot (one last time) before COVID-19 hits. And I don’t have to worry about any delays for pre-wed shoot as everything is already completed.

There are always many routes to the same destination and regardless if you’ve chosen to sprint ahead or to take a break, find what works best for you! Some of us work best when we keep the momentum going while for some of us a break is just what we need to feel refreshed and energized to start again.

For something as dynamic and personal as your wedding, choose to go with an approach that feels most right for you and always keep in mind that the true test is in the marriage!

If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your wedding plans, The Wed Mag’s ongoing series of Planning a wedding in a Pandemic will be providing advice and tips as we navigate through this pandemic together.

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Feature image – Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash

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