Monday, May 23, 2022
Putting Plans and People Together From Day One

Hello there,

The Wed Mag was born in 2020 when the world went into hibernation. As wedding planners, it is a project that we’ve harboured for years, and it was constantly flushed aside as we went about what used to be “normal” business.

Forced into a standstill, it became clearer why we wanted to have a familiar and supportive community; a space where questions are answered, and where we could collectively acknowledge the challenging situation at hand but still choose to press on. We also wanted it to be a thriving community where we could lend strength to one another and have amusing tales to share. We couldn’t find anything like that, so we decided it is time we build one.

We’re no guru but we like to start with what we know best. Weddings, as dynamic and unique as they are will always be “home” to us so what better place to start than to build a community right here at home while being literally at home?

The Wed Mag’s vision is to be your constant companion as you approach each of your life’s biggest milestones – from your engagement to your wedding, to you becoming homeowners and parents for the first time, to you celebrating your 10th year anniversary to…you get the idea.

Run and managed by the people who have been on the grounds of wedding planning from Day One, The Wed Mag is also supported by a pool of industry experts in the region and beyond. Here, bride/groom-to-be will find all the no BS resource they need, and where wedding professionals will be reminded again and again why they began their business in merry-making.

It is our hope that along this exhilarating journey of wedding planning, those involved in the process could find something far more priceless that lasts beyond a single day of celebration. It is the camaraderie, the stories and the memories that will live for a long time to come. And it all starts with finding the right people and community from Day One. Come on in and join us.

The Wed Mag

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