Thursday, December 7, 2023

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The Wed Mag was born in 2020 when the world battled a global pandemic. We knew nothing then except that (1) we were wedding planners, and our work had to come to a stop (2) we needed a support community to navigate this confusing time and (3) we wanted to help.

We believe what we could offer is what we know best. Weddings, as dynamic and different as they can be will always be “home” to us. In the decade that we’ve been in the industry, we have accumulated insights and know-hows of wedding planning but more than that, we have worked with incredible wedding professionals from all over the region and beyond. They’ve been our greatest colleagues and it is our hope that you will get access to them in the most authentic way. Hence started the journey of The Wed Mag to become a trusted companion and community as you approach one of your life’s biggest milestones!

Run and managed by the people who have been on the grounds since Day One. Here, bride/groom-to-be will find all the no BS resource they need, and where wedding professionals will be reminded again and again why they began their business in merry-making.

What we hope for is that along this exhilarating journey of wedding planning, those involved in the process could find something far more priceless that lasts beyond a single day of celebration. It is the camaraderie, the stories and the memories that will live for a long time to come. And it all starts with finding the right people and community from Day One. Come on in and join us.

The Wed Mag

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If you’ve just embarked on this exciting journey, may we suggest you begin by familiarising yourself with a few introductory articles on our site.

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  • The Wed Mag Pro

    In our Vendors Directory you might come across the label “The Wed Mag Pro” tagged to some businesses. These are wedding vendors who have come forth to affirm their commitment in delivering quality service and great competence in their area of expertise. These labels will serve to help you identify them easily.