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How to Plan a COVID-19 Wedding

This article is part of our Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic: Covid-19 series.

Marriage is without a doubt a significant marker in one’s life. As such, the calling for a major event like a wedding to celebrate this milestone is almost instinctive; a natural extension to gather the most important people in our lives to witness and celebrate this union that is also equally important to us.

The outbreak of COVID-19 however has created a fine line for us to balance between sharing this joy and yet protecting our loved ones at the same time.


As iterated by many medical officials and government bodies, the nature of events involving the gathering of a large number of people, and the time they are being exposed to each other within a confined space is, unfortunately, a thriving ground for COVID-19 to spread. As we continue to celebrate love, the need to be aware of, and to adhere to the measures while having these celebrations is becoming an important part of wedding planning. It is not only in the interest of us but also that of our dear ones for us to host a wedding that is socially conscious and safe for everyone.   Treading on this unfamiliar territory is unnerving, so how do you navigate all the government measures and ensure you have covered as much grounds as you can to make your wedding as safe as possible?  Here are some tips that you might find helpful!

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Where to Get the Most Updated Information

Although there are a lot of resources and websites that you can refer to, always check the official websites for the most accurate and updated measures:

  1. For measures relating to marriage registry, check out the ROM website.
  2. To know what can and cannot be done in general, refer to the Ministry of Health.
  3. To know what can and cannot be done as well as other mandatory precautions that must be adhered to for a wedding, refer to the official guidelines on Safe Management Measures.
  4. For a detailed FAQ pertaining to wedding-related commonly asked questions, refer to the official Government website for COVID-19 addressing solemnisation and reception.

Check With Your Venue on Additional Safe Distancing Measures

Each venue, with varying layouts and structure, might have their own safe distancing measures on top of government implemented ones. Always check with your venue if they have additional safe distancing measures that must be followed.

Assign/ Hire Someone to Assist in the Measures

On your wedding day, you would want to enjoy yourself and spend time creating memories instead of having to remind your guests to mask up and practice safe distancing measures! Appoint a trusted bridesmaid or groomsman to be your one-day-only Safe Distancing Ambassador or hire a coordinator to take this off your hands!

Your emcee can also remind guests about keeping these measures in check from time to time as well!


Inform Your Guests on Safe Distancing Measures Beforehand

Your wedding might be the first social event your guests is attending since the Circuit Breaker was implemented in Singapore. Hence, they might be unsure of the various measures and how to celebrate safely. We will recommend reminding and letting your guests know the safe distancing measures to adhere to in advance. You can do so via messaging, or if you’re using online RSVP websites, many of them allow you to broadcast a message to your guests.

Other than the current measures, always let your guests know to stay home if they are unwell. If you have a virtual component included in your wedding, they can always join in the celebration from wherever they are through live streaming.

Gift a Sanitiser or Mask

While putting on a mask or bringing a hand-sanitizer before heading out might already be second nature to some, there will still be others who have yet to make it a habit. Make implementing safety measures easy for everyone by replacing your wedding favour with something practical and useful during this time. Leaving a hand sanitiser or a re-useable mask for each guest is a thoughtful and practical gesture. They would be your best bet that no one leaves them hanging around after the celebration.   

Safe distancing is not a one-person job. The best you can do is to remind your guests on the importance of adhering to the measures throughout the celebration and make it as easy as it could be for your guests to practice them. With everyone’s effort, celebrating love does not have to be cancelled.

Disclaimer: All information posted is accurate as at time of publishing and is merely for informational purposes. While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors. For the most up-to-date information pertaining to COVID-19 related rules and regulations, please refer to the relevant official government websites.

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