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Red Packet Guide for Wedding Couples 2023

Updated on 26 March 2023, with inputs from Smitten Occasions

In the Western tradition, the bridal couple is usually presented with wedding gifts (which is why some of them have a Wedding Registry!) Here in Asia, gifts are less common and what is often seen instead is the wedding couples being gifted with red packets (or Hong Bao). It is believed to be a symbol of good luck and blessings.

Wedding couples may sometimes wish to return the blessings to family, friends and/or vendors and to also thank them for helping with the wedding. If you’re one of those preparing to share your joy and show your appreciation but not sure where to start, read on!

Here is a red packet guideline on who you should pack red packets for and how much to pack.

Red Packet Guide 2023
The Wed Mag Red Packet Guide 2023

TWM Tips

Here are some tips for you as you are preparing the red packets:

Double Happiness Red Packets

Unlike red packets used during Chinese New Year, red packets used at weddings commonly have the Chinese characters “双喜”, or double happiness on them. The best places to get these red packets are Taobao/ Lazada where there are a huge variety of designs at a relatively inexpensive price.

Customised Red Packet

For something special, take it one step further and order customised red packets with your names or your own design to fit with the rest of your invitation suite!

Label Them

This may be quite obvious, but many couples do miss it! You will be receiving AND giving red packets on the wedding day so be sure you know which red packet is for whom! To prevent confusion, label your red packets accordingly.

Pass to a Trusted Family or Friend

You won’t have the time not to mention the space to carry these red packets with you. Pass them to a trusted family or friend to assist in distribution.

E-Ang Baos

If you are all for digitalisation, you can always opt to go for E-Ang Baos. Increasingly, couples are incorporating QR Codes or PayNow reference numbers on their invitation cards to facilitate this process. You can also do the same by transferring Ang Bao sums to your family, friends &/or vendors!

We hope this red packet guide gives you an idea of how much to prepare and budget for if you’re planning to gift red packets to your bridal party!

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