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TWM Current Obsession – January 2021

Hi! How are you? We hope you had a great break over the holidays! The Wed Mag Team is newly refreshed for the New Year and we’re very excited with what’s coming up next.

As we bid 2020 adieu, this month we see ourselves hitting that proverbial reset button as we de-clutter, plan, organize and refresh our lives and spaces.  

Here’s what the Team is obsessed with this month!

1. Digital Planners

current obsession
Photo courtesy of Dashplanner on Etsy

We’re doodlers, journal-ers and list-makers. There is nothing that beats the joy of working with our hands to sketch, write and tick things off a to-do list. Post 2020, we got to admit we’ve all become quite the tech nerd, so it is truly not a surprise we find ourselves getting into Digital Planners. These handy little things speak portability and efficiency and those are the quickest way to get ranked high by the team!

Not to mention, this eco-friendly way of getting our life in order also comes with unlimited options – stickers, fonts, colours etc! With a stylus or Apple Pencil, you can really emulate the whole experience of “writing” on your devices. What’s not to love about technology amirite?!

If you’re also looking into digitalising your planners, Etsy provides plenty of options.


2. House Plants

Photo by Leonardo Iheme on Unsplash

Any bet who has the greenest fingers in our team?

Working from home is the norm for us now so if you have anything we could use to make our environment that little bit more work-friendly, we’re in. That was how we started getting house plants for our home office. We now have cute pots and planters and more than that we have a personal bet to see who can last the longest as a plant mum!

3. Ikebana Arrangements

Each year, once we ring in the New Year, we start gearing up for Chinese New Year. We bet this year’s festive season is still going to be different than the last but what shall remain is the spirit of welcoming a new season.

Seeing the Spring Cherry Blossoms in Japan might still be impossible, but we can bring their traditional way of arranging flowers into our homes. The Ikebana style of arrangement is simple and focuses on structure. We love how they are subtle and a refreshing change to what we’ve always seen; which makes them the perfect art piece to display at home this new year.


4. House Party Catering

current obsession
Photo courtesy of Steamboat King Singapore Facebook

Phase 3 is here and the biggest thing to cheer about is the additional 3 guests who can now join in any gatherings. 3 might seem little but did it surprise you how many people you have yet to meet or unable to meet but can now do so? Because it did strike us all of a sudden!

We’ve yet to recover from the amazingly fun Holiday House Party we had just a few weeks back so we could always do with another one. With that few more people, it just makes the huge effort needed to prepare food that much more justifiable.

With Chinese New Year coming up, here are some steamboat catering options that we’ve been looking into:

5. Cookies

We have seen a whole lot more variety of giant chunky cookies out in the year 2020 and we’ve been very obsessed! For those who don’t fancy cakes, we have found them devouring these crumbly and gooey alternatives. Pop these cookies into the oven and top them up with a scoop of Haagen Daaz Vanilla Ice Cream and that’s easily the 10/10 dessert for everyone.

Here are some of our favourite bakers!

That’s all for now, we hope the list gives you some ideas to reset for a great 2021!

Feature image – Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

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