Sunday, September 24, 2023

Editor’s Note

Dear Friends,

We made it to 2021! No matter where we’re at (Christmas tree still up or tucked away), we all deserve a pat on the shoulder. It has been quite a year!

Thank you for sailing through the last bit of 2020 with us. The past months have been very eventful for the team. You might even have felt it yourself as wedding invitations have no doubt started finding their way back into your inbox or mailbox. Weddings are making a comeback slowly but surely.

Through it all, it was a few months of connecting and re-connecting with others. We hear from couples who are now Husbands and Wives and we’ve shared their wedding stories with you. We dug into how they geared up for their rather bumpy planning journey in the hopes that they give you inspiration to re-start your own. We also got deep into conversations with Professionals and vendors who all still have their hearts set on making every wedding planning journey an enjoyable and memorable one.

We know the planning fatigue is real, but we aim to make things as easy as it can be for you.

We’ve made our materials on The Wed Mag even more accessible – our site’s navigation pane has been updated so you can easily find your way around the articles or retrieve some of your favourite ones. What’s next on our agenda is to support you with more useful planning resources, to share valuable insights from your favourite Professionals and to continue inspiring you with creative and enduring wedding ideas and trends.

Quite recently, Pantone had announced not one but two colours for the year 2021. This is only the second time two colours were picked for a year. The first was back in 2016 when Serenity Blue and Rose Quartz were paired and blended. Yet, this time, the two shades, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a vibrant yellow) are meant to stand alone. They represent the coming together of two independent colours to support one another. We love the language this union speaks – strength and positivity. To us, it is also an extension to what makes a successful marriage; two hopeful independent individuals choosing to support each other. No matter how plans have changed or are going to change, we could do to remind ourselves that the goal (or gold 😉) is still the marriage. As an added support, let The Wed Mag be here to lend strength as you both journeys ahead.  

So, let’s do that as we begin the new year – let’s move forward grounded and strong, with a renewed spirit of hope and positivity!

Stay strong and hopeful, friends!

Feature image – Photo courtesy of Canva Pro

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