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Virtual Wedding Live Streaming Providers

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Updated – 29 January 2021!

Since the start of the pandemic, you’ve probably sat through a virtual wedding or even helped set one up. While the coronavirus might have necessitated this phenomenon, we foresee “virtual weddings” and “wedding live streams” to become a norm even long after COVID-19. For the many reasons why guests might not be able to join the celebration in person, having an online link they can easily access will sure help to spread joy to wherever they are.


We know that not many of us are well-versed in this area of technology. With the vast amount of wedding tasks already on hand, adding one more to the list is the last thing you want; not to mention it being a task that requires test runs and seamless actual day execution. We’d say, leave it to the professionals! Here are some (in alphabetical order) who can help take this load off you and are ready on-site to overcome any technical challenges that might arise!

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JNR Entertainment

Known to be the provider for all sorts of entertainment to wedding guests, JNR Entertainment is now also able to reach your guests by live streaming your wedding to them.

At $480 per hour, their package will include:

  • 1 Roving Videographer
  • Video and Audio livestream

Multiple camera angles setup is also available at a top up.

Email them at to find out more!

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Just Married Films

Also a wedding videographer team, Just Married Films is made up of a group of fun-loving people! To cater to the increasing demand for virtual weddings, they have put together a Live Streaming Package for solemnizations:

Priced at $800, their package includes:

  • Up to 1 hour of Service
  • 3 Camera Angles Setup
  • Clear Audio
  • High Definition Professional Quality Camera
  • HD quality stream to Zoom/Facebook/Youtube
  • Raw Footage of Solemnisation returned

View a sample video here:

Email them at to find out more!

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Kactus provides not just live stream solutions but also other services such as event photography, videography and even studio rentals! Specifically for their live stream service, Kactus provides an all-rounded experience and is known for their roving angles that captures your ceremony in an all-encompassing manner.

Starting from $1,000, their solemnisation package includes:

  • 1 hour coverage
  • 1 livestream director
  • 1 roving videographer
  • 3 camera angles (2 stationary + 1 roving)
  • Personalised overlays, opening and closing screens
  • Screen-casting from computer (eg. slides, videos, Kahoot)
  • Choice of Facebook or YouTube streaming (+ $150 for Zoom, pro account up to 100 guests)
  • Line-in audio or lapel microphone provided
  • Bonded 4G data connection with all 3 major telcos
  • Full HD video return

Live feed and multi-destination streaming is also available.

View their livestream showcase video here:

Email them at for more details!

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Loveinstills pride themselves in providing quality live stream with professional equipment and guidance. They’re not new to live streaming as they’ve had experience in providing this service even pre-COVID-19.

Starting from $680 (U.P. $900), their package includes:

  • 1 hour live coverage of your event
  • Multi-cam setup (with roving fx)
  • Pro-grade audio
  • HD video
  • Private site
  • Recorded Feed returned

View their sample video here:

Email them at to find out more!

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Senica Photos

A team of wedding photographers and videographers, Senica Photos also provides high quality live-streaming services. Since the pandemic, they have streamed weddings of different sorts from small-scale solemnisations to bigger-scale interactive wedding experience over Zoom.  

Several comprehensive packages are available to cater to weddings of different sizes. The most basic package at $580 includes:

  • Up to 30 mins of continuous stream time without extension
  • 1 camera (roving)
  • 1 videographer
  • 1 producer
  • 1 audio source
  • Curated holding screen with light background music
  • Curated webpage (applicable to Youtube or Twitch streams)

Video their sample video here:

Email Monica at to find out more!

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Steph Lee Films

Steph Lee Films, helmed by Steph Lee is a wedding videographer company that also covers livestream services. Their basic live streaming package starts from $688.

View a sample live stream video here:

As their services are highly customisable and allows for many variations, email them at to find out more and to get a more accurate pricing.

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Studio Five Weddings 

Studio Five is made up of a family of storytellers – photographers and videographers. Besides shooting actual day stories, they now also stream your event live for your guests all over the world.

Their livestream package includes:

  • Up to 1 hour of service with livestream on YouTube
  • Multi-cam setup
  • 1 Producer/Mixer
  • Short introduction video montage prior to ceremony
  • Customized URL

View sample video here:

Email them at to find out more!

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Twenty8picks is also a videographer team and has included live streaming services as a part of their service offerings. Besides live streaming, there is also the add-on option to have lyrics displayed on screen for guests to sing along. This is especially useful if you’re having a Holy Matrimony, Wedding Service or Wedding Mass.

Priced at $1,200, their package includes:

  • 3 camera setup with 2 crew members (1 videographer and 1 producer)
  • Recce prior to wedding date
  • Live streaming via Facebook and Youtuber (recommended)

View a sample video of a ROM at home here:

And a Church Ceremony here:

Email them at for more details!

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Besides photography, TwoGatherPictures also does wedding cinematography and has now extended their offering to cover wedding live streaming to help couples reach more guests amidst this pandemic.

Starting with an hourly charge of $400/hr, their package includes:

  • 1 hour of service
  • 1 camera setup (single, static angle)
  • 1 camera operator
  • 1 livestreaming device
  • Full audio transmission from the venue’s audio soundboard
  • Picture overlays customizable (Title screen, PowerPoint slides, etc)
  • Facebook / YouTube/Zoom (premium account required) livestream

Optional add-ons for additional camera angle available.

View their sample video here:

Email them at to find out more!

Don’t stress over the technical matters on your big day and let the professionals do it for you. Moreover, most of the experts listed above are wedding professionals to begin with so you can rest assured that they’re familiar with the flow of a wedding ceremony. They will be well-prepared to capture and broadcast your wedding to your guests all over the world!

Contact us if you’re a service provider so that we can add you into the list!

Feature image – Photo by Samantha Borges on Unsplash

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