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Practical Wedding Favours – Hand Sanitisers

This article is part of our Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic: Covid-19 series.

Covid-19 has changed our lives in one way or another. Even our list of everyday items is not spared. Hand sanitisers used to be just an article we picked off pharmacies’ shelves but they are now seen everywhere and have become an essential part of our lives.

We weren’t surprised to see them becoming THE wedding favour of choice in recent months. After all, they are not just practical and essential but also look classy! Here’s a list for you to take your pick, even if it is just for your everyday use.

This series is also part of our #GoLocal efforts, featuring products from Singapore.


Cloversoft & Co

Cloversoft 99.99% Germs Bgone Hand Sanitiser
$2.95 per 60ml bottle

Cloversoft’s hand sanitiser is gel-based and contains no harmful chemicals such as paraben, sulphates, dye, phthalates and fragrances.

YOYOKULALA x Cloversoft Exclusive Hand Sanitiser Holder and Hand Sanitiser
$19.90 for 1 set

The most convenient way to bring around a hand sanitiser is those with holders, hooking on to your bags for a fuss-free access! Cloversoft has partnered up with YOYOKULALA to bring about an exclusively designed holder for Cloversoft’s hand sanitiser.  Cloversoft & Co is part of Alps group, which concentrates on producing safe, sustainable and eco-friendly products for our everyday use.  


Flo Hand Sanitisers
$6.90 per 30ml bottle

Flo is a local home-grown company which started out in aromatherapy. Their hand sanitisers are infused with 100% pure essential oils, giving off a natural scent while having anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Their hand sanitisers are also free of paraben, mineral oils, artificial colouring and benzophenone.

Handmade Heroes

No-No-Nasties Sanitizer
$8.90 per 60ml bottle

Handmade Heroes is a local all natural, vegan and cruelty-free brand! Its sanitisers are gentle, leaving a non-tacky feeling after use and is les drying on skin. It also does not contain any artificial fragrances and chemicals

The ingredients are simple too, just ethyl alcohol, water, glycerine, orange and eucalyptus oil, just what you need to kill those germs and stay safe!


Hush Candle

Hush Organic Hand Sanitiser
$4.00 per 15ml bottle

Hush’s alcohol-based organic hand sanitiser is 99.9% effective against germs and bacteria. It is also infused with aroma similar to their candle collections, which are made of natural soy wax and therapeutic grade essential oils.

Choose between a woody herbaceous blend made of Tea Tree, Pine and Cedarwood essential oils, or a fresh clean blend made of Lavender and Bergamot.

HYSSES Singapore

Hysses Rosemary Peppermint Hand Sanitiser
$14.90 per 65ml bottle

Another local company whose niche is in aromatherapy, Hysses’s hand sanitisers uses an anti-bacterial herbal blend which is gentle on skin and non-drying! It also does not contain any toxins, carcinogens, parabens, silicones, paraffin and artificial colours! 


Oasis Skin

Purifying Hand Sanitiser
$8.50 per 30ml bottle

Oasis Skin’s purifying hand sanitiser is made of plant-based alcohol, and free of phthalates and glycols, making it mild on skin. It also contains organic aloe vera and essential oils to moisturize your hands at the same time!

Oasis Skin is a local beauty brand that produces their products at their very own Beauty Kitchen store, made of plant-based ingredients that are kind to skin and the environment!

You can also head to their store with your own bottles to encourage less packaging used, and that will give you a 10% off their products.


Sureclean Child Friendly Foamy Hand Sanitizer
$38.70 for 3 x 50ml bottles

If you’re expecting kids at your wedding, the hand sanitisers from Sureclean are alcohol-free and kids friendly! It has a foamy formula, leaves a non-sticky feeling after usage, and confirm is “sure clean”!

There you have it, no matter which option you choose to go with, we’re sure your guests would appreciate you for it.

Feature image – No-No-Nasties Sanitizer from Handmade Heroes

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