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Ethereal Wedding at JW Marriott South Beach

Amongst many millennials, the word “eye-candy” is very often used to describe someone whom you view as attractive. Carolyn was Shawn’s “Eye-candy” during their years of studying in polytechnic. Not many are lucky enough to turn their dreams of getting together with their “eye-candy” into reality, but fate gave Shawn the chance to officially bring Carolyn into his life, allowing him to call her, his girlfriend. From there, their love story began to sprout for many months ahead.

After a few months of dating, Shawn was given the chance to go overseas to study. From there onwards, the couple went into a Long-distance relationship (Or as many would refer to as “LDR”.) In every relationship, there are always obstacles for couples to overcome, also to grow stronger from. Shawn and Carolyn took up the challenge of staying as a loving couple although being many miles apart, and soon after they reunited, Shawn took Carolyn on a holiday where he took the chance to pop the question – and of course, Carolyn said “Yes!”


7th of July is a date to remember for the couple, as it was the one date many significant things happened for them – on the 7th of July 2014, Shawn took the leap of faith by asking Carolyn to be his girlfriend, marking the start of their love story. Fast forward to the 7th of July 2017, Shawn took the second leap of faith, by asking a question which would change his life forever – popping the question of “Will you marry me?” to the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. One year later on the 7th of July 2018, Shawn and Carolyn made their vows to each other. This marked the beginning of a brand new phase of their life together, as a married couple.

Held over a period of 2 days, Shawn and Carolyn had a wedding which one might think was out-of-the-ordinary. Gate crashing is a customary practice in most Chinese Weddings, often held in the wee hours of the morning. However, the couple decided to hold it only late in the afternoon, which lead to a bridal party shoot held during the midst of a sunset. Together with the addition of sparklers, the entire atmosphere at the shoot was enhanced.


Starting off the second day was a tea ceremony held at the beautiful cocktail foyer of JW Marriott’s South Beach Ballroom. CC Lee decorated the staircase entrance with white florals, welcoming guests into the venue. The ceremony was carried out against an LED screen backdrop with the mandarin word “xi”, where it was specially designed for the wedding by one of the couple’s friends. With Carolyn wearing a traditional cheongsam and Shawn in his suit, they served tea to the family and friends whom they held close to their hearts in exchange for blessings of a lifetime.

After the ceremony, the bride changed into her wedding gown and requested for a first look to be done. Although this was not included in the original plan, their wedding coordinator from Chere Weddings together with their team of photographer, Joseph from Super Panda Presents, videographer from Klick Culture, managed to pull off the last minute plan with the spontaneous bridal party, and most importantly the groom.

Having 3 march-ins in total, the first one was held during a Holy Matrimony. With the song “Beautiful in White” playing in the background, hand-in-hand and witnessed by many, Shawn and Carolyn walked into the ballroom for the first time as one. With worship songs by the choir, their pastor led the couple through the ceremonial process, pronouncing the couple man and wife at the end of the ceremony before the couple marched out of the ballroom as Mr and Mrs for the first time in their lives with petals tossed in the air, forming a perfect picture.


Seemingly different from the first, the second march was “military” themed. As the ballroom doors opened, officers in the Number 1 uniforms began marching into the banquet hall, unsheathing their swords uniformly in line along the aisle. Behind them was Shawn and Carolyn, but it being “military” themed, obstacles were formed for the couple to overcome as they marched towards the stage.

Following the end of the second march-in, the couple left the ballroom for a change of clothes while the emcees for the night, Shawn and Carolyn’s friends, hosted a game segment using “kahoot”, entertaining guests while everyone await the 3rd and last march-in by the couple. This time, the entire bridal party danced into the ballroom together with the couple’s emcees, followed by the couple themselves at the back.

Coming to the end of their wedding journey, the best way that their coordinator from Chere Weddings could describe the whole process is through the words – “Jam packed, but so fulfilling!” It was a night filled with multiple videos to screen, lighting effects to cue, atmospheric music to play – but as the last note was played to end the night, the smiles on the faces of guests made everything worth it.

Wedding Team for Shaun & Carolyn

Wedding Coordinators: Chere Weddings
Photographer: Superpanda Presents
Videographer: Klick Culture
Hair: Elson Foong
Makeup: (Bride) Carolyn (IG)
Florist: CC Lee Designs (venue floral and decor)

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