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Emcee Script and Guide for Your Friend/Family

We’ve all attended that wedding before, where a gentleman and a lady stood behind the rostrum with cue cards or papers before them. They don’t look like they’re there to work so you think they are possibly part of the bridal party, or a family member of the newly-weds. They address the crowd, one in English and the other in Mandarin. There’s some light banter in the air and you wonder how much they know the couple to be given the honour to host their wedding. And then you wonder some more…if it were your nuptial, who in your circle would you pick?

Here’s All You Need to Know:

Who’s Gonna Be Your Emcee?

Perhaps you’ve someone in mind but you are also considering a professional to take on the role. (If you are still undecided and unsure about the pros and cons of either option, head on to our article where we balance the good and bad for your easy decision making!) Talk to your fiancé early on during the wedding planning to decide which option is more suitable for you. If you’ve decided to invite a friend or a family member to help host your wedding, read on further! This article will share with you how to start, and some key information including an emcee script template in word doc format for easy editing!

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One or Two Emcees?

One major factor to consider when deciding if you should have one or two hosts is the language requirement. Quite commonly, couples will require the host to be effectively bilingual. For instance, they must be able to speak both English and Mandarin fluently to cater to the guests’ demographics.

Hence, if your circle of friends only speaks either language fluently, you will need to pair two friends up so that they each take on their preferred language domain. The upside of having two emcees is that it allows them to banter with each other on stage. This can make things feel more natural and conversational. However, one key thing to consider is the chemistry between your two emcees. If they have not met each other before the wedding or are unfamiliar with each other, there can be awkward silences in between each of their scripted sentences.

On that note, having just one emcee alleviates this problem. So, if you have someone who has a good grasp of both languages and is comfortable facing the crowd, have him/her host alone. He/she will be solely in control of the ambience and flow of the programme.

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Structuring out Your Programme

Now that you’ve decided who to be your emcee, what should you do next?

1. Think and Discuss about The Programmmes

For instance,

  • would you be giving a speech together with your partner?
  • would your bridal party or family member be giving a speech?
  • do you have any performances or games?
  • how many and what kind of videos would you be playing?

After confirming the programs, it is time to structure them out.

2. Start with The Timeline and Emcee’s Script

Firstly, structure out your timeline according to the number of dishes you have and how many reception march-ins’ you would like to have.

Secondly, fill in the programs, starting with your thank you speech, followed by speeches from guests, performances, games and videos.

The Wed Mag Tip!
Sequence your program based on how you would like the flow of the reception to go. For instance, you could start off more formally with the speeches and then end off with games and performances. There are really no hard and fast rules!

Thirdly, edit your emcee’s script according to the flow of your programs. We know this can be a daunting task especially with all the wedding planning you are already doing so here are some emcee script templates you can reference:

Solemnisation / Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception

The Wed Mag Tip!
If you have a photo-taking session after your ceremony, have your emcee facilitate with a photo-taking list for a smoother and efficient experience! This list can be part of their “script”.

3. Fill in Key Information for Your Emcee(s)

Share with your emcee(s) any key information that they will have to know, such as both of your English and Chinese names if applicable, both of your parent’s names in English and Chinese if applicable. Other information such as the solemniser’s name (as it is a nice gesture to formally introduce them), or anyone else who is giving a speech.

Other than the above essential information, also share with them things that are interesting – such as fun facts about the both of you, how you met or even anecdotes about the activities or food served at your wedding! All these could be little titbits your emcee use to draw some laughter or reaction.

Of course, any taboo topics should also be shared with your emcee to make sure they don’t accidentally spill it. This is especially if your emcee is a close friend who knows you in and out. With the mic, they’re essentially the most powerful person in the room!  

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4. Games

If you’re playing games at your wedding, convey to your emcee what kind of ambiance you would like to have. It could be stage games involving just the two of you or it could be interactive ones – if it is a game involving guests, do remember to prepare small tokens or prizes because that’s bound to get them leaping off their chairs to participate!

5. The Tone

The tone sets the mood of the entire celebration. So ask yourself, are you hosting close friends and family, or are business partners in the guestlists too? Share the demographics of your guests with your emcee, and establish the kind of tone you want the reception to be in. Some couples want it to be casual and fun, while others prefer to keep it formal. Be clear about it so that all of you are on the same page.

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Leave It to Your Chosen Emcee(s)

Once all the groundwork has been done, share the editable document with your emcee(s) and allow them to edit away! Give them the freedom to add their own flair and style to the scripts. This way, they speak more naturally and will be able to engage your audience even more. There must be a reason why you’ve picked them in the first place so trust them to exercise their own judgement!

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Preparation on the Wedding Day

Link up your emcee(s) with your wedding coordinator or venue coordinator so that the necessary prep work can be put in place on the wedding day. For instance, they can work out a time for sound checks to be done and for the emcee(s) to be familiar with where he/she should stand or speak from. Your emcee will also appreciate if he/she knows who to look for if there is a need for anything. You wouldn’t want him/her to come to you if his microphone ran out of battery, would you?

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This aspect of the wedding planning is one of the fun parts so set up a dinner with the chosen one(s) and discuss the program with them. After all that needs to be shared has been shared, leave everything to them so you yourself can enjoy your wedding reception!

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