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What to Wear for Intimate Weddings

For most of us, we might be halfway through planning our wedding, with a very clear image in mind of what we will be wearing on the wedding day. Or we might even have set our eyes on the type of wedding gown we wanted, way before we were even engaged!

Then came Covid-19, whose arrival now makes the idea of wearing our dream wedding dress or wedding suit too impractical or a little over the top. With a virtual wedding or smaller-sized wedding, the ball gowns and tuxedos we have planned for will not seem so suitable anymore.

If you find yourself in this situation or simply not sure where to start to put together a look for your intimate ceremony, read on! For the guests who are racking their brains over what to wear to a virtual wedding, we have some tips for you too!


For the Bride

You might be going ahead with an intimate wedding ceremony to legalise the marriage first before hosting a wedding reception when the measures ease up. With this arrangement, you can have the best of both worlds – leave your white wedding dress for your reception and take this chance to explore something unexpected and fun. This will open up a lot more options for you.

You can explore:

Floral embroidery – for those who love wedding gowns that are a bit more vibrant and whimsical.

A non-white wedding dress – because you can leave the white wedding gown for the big reception.

Something that pops on screen! – such as 3D details and folds on a wedding dress that brings out a different structural element. These will pop even more on screen!

Something light and comfortable – for those who wants a laidback option that can also be worn again after the ceremony.

Accessorising big with details such as earrings and necklaces – that helps complete the look when the focus of the ceremony will likely be mostly around your face.

For the Groom

Go light! – Instead of dark suits that groom commonly gravitate towards, go for lighter colours such as greys or sands so it stands out on screen.

Switch out your suit jacket for a vest – and still look equally important for the occasion.

Skip the tie – if your bride is not going too formal.

Go with something fancy – if you’re up for it, after all it is once in a lifetime.

Accessorise with patterns – if going all out is too much, opt for a patterned shirt, ties or pocket square to match with a coloured suit.

Match your pocket square or tie with your face mask! – for some consistency.

For Virtual Guests

Go for high-necklines  – Such interesting features will definitely be seen (and appreciated) on screen!

Add a pop of colour!  – to stand out in the digital screen especially if you’re going to be delivering a speech over Zoom.

Focus on your tresses – let your hair do the talking!

Throw on a casual outwear, guys – you won’t go wrong with this.

Or a hat – if you’ve just rolled out of bed.

Let your background represent you – for the shy guests who prefer to stay low profile. Here are some decent looking background that also looks “normal” that you could use:

Screenshot from
Screenshot from

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Feature image – Photo by Celia Michon on Unsplash

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