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Why You Should Have Your Wedding Now

This article is part of our Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic: Covid-19 series.

The arrival of an unexpected guest, Ms Corona, has definitely thrown all plans to the wayside. No amount of Plan B, C or D could have foreseen the circumstances we now find ourselves in. At a time of such uncertainty and fluidity, will you choose to continue with your wedding?

We say, yes! Here are some reasons why you should have your wedding now:

Less Tiring

Even before the pandemic, some couples are already opting for a less taxing wedding schedule. What used to be one fully packed wedding day that drives the entire bridal party into complete exhaustion even before the dinner reception, is divided into two separate ones. The additional day is deemed necessary to keep energy level high throughout the celebration. Now that COVID-19 has totally restructured and streamlined the way weddings are done, having your nuptial at this time ensures you’re not completely depleted by the end of the day. This leaves you with ample time to savour the important moments that took place just earlier with the people who matter or simply the very person whom you just signed to be your Husband or Wife. These moments are rare for a wedding taking place in “normal times”, so make full use of it!

Wedding of Jonathan & Melissa | Photo by Acapella

Intimate Wedding or Elopement Is No Longer a Dream

For those who have always dreamed of having a small wedding without the presence of guests you remotely know, now is the time. The limit on guest capacity and other regulations imposed by the authority are the most valid reasons why you could explain to a senior or elder in the family that you simply are not allowed to invite Mr and Mrs so-and-so to the wedding. Furthermore, your reception time could be better allocated to programs that you favour because the very popularly unpopular table-to-table photo-taking is still not allowed at this point.

If you would like to take it even a step further in reducing your guest size, have a local elopement wedding instead. Many local vendors have put forth enticing packages to cater to the type of celebration you want – see a listing of them here.

Budget Reallocation

A full-scale wedding celebration can indeed burn a huge hole in your pocket. There truly is no limit to how much you could spend if you’re willing to go that far. The good news is, the need to scale down your celebration during this period could bring significant cost savings on many fronts, for example in terms of food and beverage cost as well as decoration.

Even if you already have a hefty sum saved up for this once in a lifetime event, the additional savings you have can be channelled to other areas of your life that you eventually have to fund such as your new home, future kids or even your honeymoon.

Pre-wedding Shoot of Kai Chin & Evelyn | Photo by Trouvé, Kailian

Cost Savings for Everyone

Amidst the bleakness of the economy, any cost savings that could come our way is welcomed. The competitive packages that have been rolled out since the coronavirus hit us have been aplenty. Moreover, the need to gather at a physical location is no longer a requirement as the popularity of virtual weddings skyrocketed and have given guests a fresh new way to experience weddings like they have never before. You could now get married in your own home and have everyone tuning in wherever they are as you exchange your vows. While you save the need to spend on venue rental and catering, you also do all your guests a great service by giving them the option to save significantly on wedding gifting.


Love Is Not Cancelled

There is no telling when the pandemic will show signs of easing or if it will eventually be something we have to live with. While nations fight to keep the virus in control by introducing strict regulations and closing borders, we have all in our own ways adapted to this new way of being, seemingly overnight. Change is hard but staying put is harder. The numerous coverage of couples who have transformed wedding plans almost immediately to continue their journey to be pronounced Man and Wife is heartening to see. Even in the face of such uncertainty, life circumstances do not have to get in the way of living and significant milestones in life will continue to be arrived at and conquered. For others, perhaps receiving an e-invite to witness a Zoom virtual wedding session or even to attend a small wedding is the very thing to give them something to look forward to during this trying time.

Wedding of Siah Mong & Rachel | Photo taken by Tindydot, Yu Hsin

There, are those not enough reasons why you should get your wedding plans in order again? While you might have wanted a big party for your wedding, a small celebration does not mean you will not be having the best day ever. In fact, it will likely be a memorable experience for many to attend a wedding at such extraordinary times.  And if you choose to go ahead with tying the knot, remember to keep guest safety a priority and to ensure that the required measures are stringently imposed and adhered to. As for how to navigate your way through planning a wedding at times like this, check out the articles in our COVID-19 series!

Disclaimer: All information posted is accurate as at time of publishing and is merely for informational purposes. While the information on this website has been verified to the best of our abilities, we cannot guarantee that there are no mistakes or errors. For the most up-to-date information pertaining to COVID-19 related rules and regulations, please refer to the relevant official government websites.

Feature image – Wedding of Jonathan & Melissa | Photo taken by Acapella

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