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What You Need to Consider for an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor Wedding – are you ready for it?

outdoor wedding
Photo courtesy of Mindy Tan

Ahh outdoor weddings ~ just by speaking of them you can picture fresh air, greeneries, abundant light, and spectacular views! These are, without a doubt, the reasons why having an outdoor wedding is a dream for many. In addition, possibilities and options are endless when you work with a space that is endowed with the best of these things that Mother Nature has to offer.

Right where we are in the Tropics, we’re showered with plenty of these options, but… it is the showers that we’re most afraid of, right?   

If you find yourself set on a dreamy outdoor wedding but is unsure about how you can prepare for it, read on!

Deciding on the Venue

It is crucial, when sourcing for an outdoor venue, to consider the worst-case scenarios.

1. It rains on the day, hard!  

In this case, always consider if a backup venue is available:

  • If not, is it financially and physically feasible to set up tentage over the outdoor space? Is erecting the tentage going to defeat the purpose of holding the wedding outdoors in the first place?
  • If yes, is there a sheltered walkway to and fro the venue and the backup venue?
  • Is the backup venue acceptable to you?

Asking the venue sales manager on their wet weather backup plan will give you a better idea on how they will manage the situation on the wedding day for a smooth experience not only for you, but also your guests and vendors. It will also help you in determining the type of wedding elements you will use so that they work well with the plan. For instance, opt to go for floral and décor that are easily movable rather than a fixed structure in the event you must move indoors.

2. The sun decides to come out to play, hard!

The last thing you’d want your guest to remember about your wedding is sweaty bodies and squinting eyes. Your guests’ comfort is a key consideration so ask the venue sales manager what can be done to manage the heat on the day. This also helps you determine if additional budget need to be set aside to cater for coolers or fans.

The Plan B

Give the Backup Plan extra consideration. If your venue is 100% outdoors and you’re having your wedding during a rainy season in Singapore, (which by the way we can no longer tell is when exactly) the backup plan becomes as important as the original plan.

Further to what was shared above, besides considering the flexibility of moving your decoration, consider how they would look at the indoor venue as well. Are there additional things needed to spruce up the place? Is the size and height of your floral arch a concern when they have to go indoor? Have a discussion with your florist, wedding planner/coordinator or venue sales manager to sort out the logistics.

Consider also how your guests would be informed in the event the venue has been moved somewhere else. The last thing you want is for guests to be confused and frustrated about not knowing where to go. Make sure there are ample signages and staff to guide guests from the original wedding location to the Plan B location.

Be Ready… for the Plan B

Don’t think of Plan B as the plan that will never be used. Be mentally prepared and ready to execute Plan B when needed. We understand that after months of planning it becomes extremely hard to let go of the vision of having an outdoor wedding. But, you wouldn’t want your guests to be sitting in the rain with wet soggy shoes and soiled heels right? You don’t want them to remember your wedding in an unpleasant way!

So, be ready to kick off Plan B on the day itself when necessary. Your logistics plan with your wedding planner/coordinator, vendors and venue sales manager should include a cut-off time for this decision to be made.

The cut-off time is the time you need to make a final decision if you would like to move your wedding indoors when the forecast isn’t looking good. This also means that if luckily (or unluckily) it did not rain, you are still sticking to your indoor Plan B as your professionals would have set up for your wedding already.

The Wed Mag Tip!
To determine the cut-off time, ask your florist, venue sales manager, sound system operator etc. how long they will need to do their necessary set ups and work backwards from there. For example, if your ceremony is at 6 p.m., and your florist needs 3 hours to set up, 2.30 p.m. should be your cut-off time.

Be Superstitious… or Not?

Unless we have the means to perform cloud seeding, the only way we can even attempt to make the rain go away is by trying non-scientific methods. There are a handful of them that event planners or couples may execute to try to pray the rain away.   

The most heard method is to place garlic, onion, and chilli padi around the venue. In Bali, a traditional method involves engaging a “rain stopper” to perform a rain ritual. In Japan, teru teru bōzu dolls are hung because they are believed to have magical powers to bring good weather.

Believe it or not, they may be worth a try if you’re up for it!

Things to Do on the Wedding Day

Now that you’ve all the prep work ready, what can you do on the wedding day?

1. Download the NEA App or Call the Weatherman
outdoor wedding
outdoor wedding

The app allows you to view the rain clouds over Singapore in real time. Use this as a gauge to determine if rain clouds are nearing or starting to form over Singapore and make a sound decision whether to implement Plan B.

If that is too technical for you, drop the weatherman a call at 6542 5059. They are able to provide weather forecast to specific areas.

2. Still Be Married and in Love

We’d say, go with the flow! Rain or Shine, you and your partner will still be married and deeply in love with each other, so just enjoy the moment. Besides, some culture sees it as a good sign when it rains on a wedding day. A knot that is wet is particularly difficult to undo so “tying the knot” on a rainy day will see a union that is difficult to unravel!

3. Take Advantage of Fun Shoot Ideas!

There is always a silver lining to everything! If it does pour on the wedding day, take advantage of what nature has given you, open up an umbrella and have some fun in the rain. It will sure create many captivating images, and these can’t be staged!

So are you ready to shower your plans with loads of love now? We hope this has allowed you to be better prepared for your outdoor wedding!

Feature image – Photo courtesy of Mindy Tan

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