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What to Look Out for When Buying Engagement and Wedding Rings

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Now that your partner has agreed to BTO or buy a property with you, what’s next? Getting to the actual proposal and putting a ring on it of course!

Besides a house, an engagement ring or wedding ring could well be the most important purchase of your life. In this little piece of jewellery, your entire love story, past, present and future is captured; taking shape from the first date to the day the ring found its forever home, and the promise it seals as the two of you look towards building a future together! The process of finding, selecting and purchasing such an important item can understandably be overwhelming, not to mention it being unfamiliar since you are likely doing it for the first (and only) time. 

This article will shed light on what to look for when making this monumental purchase.


  1. What ring am I buying?
  2. What to look for when buying a ring?  
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Engagement and Wedding Rings
Image courtesy of I-PRIMO

What ring am I buying?

Before we begin, we know it is common for wedding terms to be interchangeably used and at times they can be confusing. So let us first give you an overview of the most common types of rings and what they symbolise.

Engagement Rings

Engagement and Wedding Rings
Image courtesy of I-PRIMO

The one you use to propose with. 

It represents a new chapter of your relationship and the starting point of a lifelong commitment.

Wedding Rings / Bands

Engagement and Wedding Rings
Image courtesy of I-PRIMO

The one you exchange with your partner on your wedding day.

You may have heard that the vein on your left ring finger runs directly to the heart. Hence the reason why the wedding ring is placed on this finger.

Set Rings / Stacked Rings

Engagement and Wedding Rings
Image courtesy of I-PRIMO

When the engagement ring and wedding ring or band match to form a set.

Set rings are designed to pair up with another ring so that they can be worn together. They can also be worn as individual rings for a different look.

What to look for when buying a ring?

An engagement or wedding ring is a significant investment. What should you be looking out for when making this milestone purchase? 

1. Quality 

You want something that lasts. Not only does it have to withstand everyday wear, but some may also consider it important to be able to have this piece of jewellery become a family heirloom. To be able to provide wedding couples with treasured keepsakes that last generations is the founding philosophy of I-PRIMO, a Japanese premium bridal jewellery brand. 

Since 1999, I-PRIMO has helped countless couples seal their wedding vows with skilfully crafted engagement and wedding rings. With 127 stores worldwide to date, it remains the largest bridal jewellery speciality brand in Japan and is also widely received by wedding couples seeking premium quality bridal jewellery in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China.

Engagement and Wedding Rings
Image courtesy of I-PRIMO
Look for durability

I-PRIMO rings are made to last. Marked with PT950 (or Platinum 950) which refers to 950 parts per thousand of pure platinum, the rings are at least 95% pure platinum to ensure durability, strength, and brilliance. This symbolism of ‘strength’ is also the reason why diamonds are often used in engagement and marriage rings. Not only are they said to be the hardest substance on Earth, but they are also seen as pure and rare which perfectly represents the indestructible bond and unity between two individuals.  This is why the next thing you need to do is…

Consider the cut of the diamond

The quality of a diamond’s cut determines how well it interacts with light. A diamond’s proportions, symmetry and polish determine its brilliance (or brightness), scintillation (or sparkle) and fire (or the dispersion of white light to form colours).

Made with sophisticated Japanese craftsmanship, I-PRIMO’s diamonds have been awarded the highest cut rating of “Excellent” down to as small as less than 1mm in diameter. They are made to bring out the maximum brilliance of a diamond where its round cut pieces are crafted with 8 symmetrical arrows from the top facet and 8 symmetrical hearts from the pavilion, thus forming what it terms the “Heart & Cupid”. What better way to seal each others’ commitments than with hearts and cupids, isn’t it? 

Wedding and Engagement Rings
Photo courtesy of I-PRIMO

2. Design & comfort 

Ring composition aside, how can we talk about engagement and wedding rings without considering the design? After all, it is a piece that holds much significance and is worn forever. Of course, it needs to go with your style and personality. But where do you start?

Made-to-order designs

For many of us who are buying rings for the first time, it is helpful to be able to explore a variety of styles and designs, or even possibly putting together something that is your very own. I-PRIMO offers engagement and wedding rings in more than 200 designs, including  five concept collections – Origin Belief, Flowery, Etoile, Hatsusora and Suwaha. Each collection highlights a signature style that speaks true to Japanese craftsmanship. Every I-PRIMO ring, like every love story, also has its own distinct and exquisite feature. To make your very own ring, you can mix and match your preferred metal with your desired stone from a wide selection of ring frames and loose diamonds. From vintage to modern to classic, you are bound to find something that speaks to you, tailored to your preference and budget. 

Engagement and Wedding Rings
Image courtesy of I-PRIMO

Comfort is key when it comes to rings because it sits on you for a lifetime. Therefore, you want to be sure to find something that fits well not only with your finger but also lifestyle. I-PRIMO rings are moulded with meticulous care to keep the balance between style and comfort. Each ring goes through a special polishing process to soften the edges inside of the ring to ensure a snug fit on your finger. Besides physical comfort, it probably does you good to also be mentally comfortable with the price you are considering putting forth for this big purchase. 

3. Price 

The general sentiment is that engagement or wedding ring would set you back an amount that is equivalent to several months’ pay. However truth be told, there is no standard amount to spend on a ring. Ultimately, it all comes to an individual’s preference for size, budget, style and design. Having said that, it is important that you take into consideration the factors mentioned above when determining a reasonable price point. Here’s a general guideline of how much premium engagement and wedding ring costs at I-PRIMO.

Engagement RingWedding Rings / Bands
MaterialPlatinum, 18K Yellow Gold, 18K Rose Gold, CombinationPlatinum, 18K Yellow Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 18K Pale Brown Gold*, Combination

StyleStraight, Wavy, V-ShapedStraight, Wavy, V-Shaped
SettingSolitaire, Single Melee Diamond, Double Melee Diamonds, Diamond BandSingle Melee Diamond, Double Melee Diamonds, Diamond Band
Price (varies depending on diamond’s grade, design)$3000~$2500~ (a pair)

*available only in I-PRIMO flagship store at ION Orchard from mid-November.

Similar to how there is no standard price point for an engagement or wedding ring, we, at The Wed Mag also considers there to be no standard gender who is to be the proposer or the proposed. Today, the one proposing can be either party in a relationship! Regardless of whether you are intending to be proposed or the proposer, it helps to have someone by your side providing guidance. This is also the reason why we think service from your wedding jeweller is important to take into consideration.

Engagement and Wedding Rings
Image courtesy of I-PRIMO

4. Service 

There is much to consider when selecting the right engagement and wedding ring. You will find it helpful to have a trusted jeweller with whom you can comfortably work to navigate this nerve-wracking process. As a bridal specialist jeweller, I-PRIMO has sent countless couples down the aisle. Their team of ring specialists is rigorously trained and constantly improving their knowledge and skills all to guide you every step of the way as you get to that “YES!” and “I DO!”. You really don’t have to do it alone. To make this an even more seamless experience, I-PRIMO’s proposal concierge offers proposal planning support should you wish to take your proposal up a notch! As wedding planners, trust us when we say you can always do with a little planning help 😉

Engagement and Wedding Rings

For more than 20 years, I-PRIMO has committed itself to adopting world-class techniques and skills to bring top-quality bridal jewellery to wedding couples. Their diamond’s brilliance is skillfully enhanced by a number of elaborate techniques that can only be achieved by the hands of adept craftsmen, who are recognised around the world as being of “Japan quality”. Coupled with its exceptional service, it has won the hearts of many lovebirds in the region.

You will be glad to know that I-PRIMO first Southeast Asia flagship store will be opening its doors in Singapore at ION Orchard in mid-November 2022. Let I-PRIMO encapsulate your love story in the ring of your dreams today by making your reservation via Customers who make an appointment online and visit the store will receive a complimentary tin can of Japanese tea from Antea Social. While stocks last. 

From now till then, follow and keep a look out for exciting promotions happening on I-PRIMO’s Facebook or Instagram page. The ongoing Say I Do! Campaign may get you a romantic staycation (worth $1,000) with your partner! Or you could be one of the first few to walk away with a complimentary couple portrait illustrated by Singapore’s very own Forbes Under 30 Artist, Grace Ciao! 

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