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What Should I Splurge on My Wedding?

The wedding budget may not be as easy to maintain. Even if you have already set aside an amount, thanks to the plethora of choices (and Pinterest), you might often find yourself on the verge of overspending. Are you guilty of justifying these expenses with reasons like “but it’s only once in a lifetime!“?

You don’t need us to remind you that wedding is just one of the many life events you will encounter. While we encourage you to make it as “you” as possible, always keep in mind the amount you’ve initially budgeted for. Prioritize on the areas that are important to you! If you can’t decide whether something will be worth it, read on!

Here, we got those who are now happily married to share with us their best wedding purchases. Looking back, these are the things they were glad to have splurged on!

Floral & Decoration

For those who seek to create memorable guest experiences, how a space look, feel and even smell like is important to them.

wedding budget
Photo courtesy of Vincent & Clare, taken by Ivan Tan

I’m glad we splurged on our florals!

Vincent & Clare
wedding budget
Photo courtesy of Brandon & Mabel, taken by Years & Co

Having our venue done up by our wedding stylist Years & Co.!

Brandon & Mabel
Photo courtesy of Wee Chuan & Rachel, taken by KAI Picture

The décor as it sets the mood of the event.

Wee Chuan & Rachel

Photography & Videography

This is for those who enjoys a nice trip down memory lane.

wedding budget
Photo courtesy of Shauna & Rainer, by Annabel Law Productions

The photos are what you will hold onto over time so choosing a photographer with the right vibe and style is pertinent even if it may not come cheap!

Rainer & Shauna
Photo courtesy of Ainsley & Siying, taken by Natalie Wong Photography

Probably gotta be the videographer which was a pretty last minute decision as we initially didn’t want it! No regrets whatsoever – Jude and his team from RekordHaus did a fantastic job!

Ainsley & Siying

Wedding Attire

For those looking to be their best selves, that extra effort you make to look flawless will be worth it.

wedding budget
Photo courtesy of Paul & Cleo, and Iki Company

By far our most expensive purchase would have been Cleo’s wedding dress by JessicaCindy and my suit and tuxedo by Joe’s Tailoring. As our photos are meant to be the reminders of the biggest day of our lives, we both agreed that we would want to look back at our wedding photos and see ourselves looking at our best… Our outfits were custom-made for us and the fit and style produced by both JessicaCindy and Joe’s tailoring were simply outstanding – definitely worth the purchase.

Paul & Cleo
Photo courtesy of Lloyd and Lauren, taken by Love Me Tender

Lloyd’s suit, which he was very happy with. I don’t think we splurged on anything else

Llyod & Lauren

Honeymoon Home

For those who think the wedding is just a teeny bit part less important, splurge on something non-wedding-related! You will likely thank yourselves for it.

wedding budget
Photo courtesy of Linnette & Keith, taken by Blocmemoire Photography

A honeymoon home for the next 4 months!

Keith & Linnette


For those who are conscious about where and what they’re spending on and for who, they would realise everything is worth it!

Photo courtesy of Zhi Wei & Hui Min, taken by Bloc Memoire Photography

Everything? Haha

Zhi Wei & Huimin

Did the thing you’re about to splurge on falls into any of the categories? Do you agree with these splurges? Tell us what you think!

Feature image – Photo courtesy of Paul & Cleo, and Iki Company

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