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Wee Chuan and Rachel’s Art Gallery Wedding at Maison Miaja

Something always stirs in our hearts when we combine the idea of a wedding and an art exhibition.

It presents the image of something intimate, unassuming, and serene – an ode to the formal occasion. Yet is also a setting that tugs on your heartstrings, inviting you to come as you are to interact and play.

It is the kind of celebration for those who dream of something simple, clean and carefree – the kind that speaks directly to Wee Chuan and Rachel. The pair had gotten married at Maison Miaja on 10/10/2020; a date they’ve chosen for remembrance as they have first gotten together on 01/01 three years before. In a celebration that march to the tune of their personality – introverted and slow to warm, they conceptualised a wedding that is intimate, heart-warming and very much like an art exhibition of their own.

Inspired by Nature and Art and a bid to move away from extensive fresh floral setups, Rachel had turn to paper sculptor Pei Li of @pei_per_flower and @8_dec to build the vision with her.

We were exhilarated when Rachel shared with us her vision for the wedding. It was something very different from what we have done. She, who is both modern and romantic, as well as the venue (Maison Miaja) became our inspiration; we imagined the guests walking into an art exhibition.

Pei Li

In the gallery, Wee Chuan and Rachel held their solemnisation followed by a lunch reception. With a colour palette comprising of earthy hues of tan, chamoisee and hints of black and white, Pei Li conceptualised a look that consisted of three parts – Dreamy Blossom, Clouds Domes and Fleur Field.

Dreamy Blossom

The solemnisation is one of the most memorable parts of the wedding for us – having our family and close friends witness our vows and promises to each other, celebrating our special day in a very casual setting.

Wee Chuan and Rachel

It is here in front of several giant standing flowers that Wee Chuan and Rachel sealed the deal. The way the light filtered through and danced about the translucent organza paper only adds to the romantic atmosphere. It created stunning silhouettes that framed the entire scene perfectly.

wedding at Maison Miaja
Photo courtesy of Wee Chuan & Rachel, taken by KAI Picture

This was also a dream come true for Pei Li who got to work on creating these using a new medium.

We have been using paper as a medium for my paper flowers, but now we had the opportunity to create these organza flowers. It was a dream come true! The result, giant standing flowers that were stunningly romantic with an abstract twist.

Pei Li

Cloud Domes

The lunch was another part that Wee Chuan and Rachel had found to be the most memorable parts of the celebration, as they got to “feast under the beautiful decorations.”

wedding at Maison Miaja
Photo courtesy of Wee Chuan & Rachel, taken by KAI Picture

This installation is an intricate piece of art – sculptural yet airy to complement the light-filled space. It was one of the most challenging paper arts that Pei Li and team had to create to date.

We ran through numerous types of paper and prototypes, as well as folding methods to achieve a sculpture that was airy and sophisticated. Hanging from the gallery, it feels like the guests were dining under the sea of flowery-shaped clouds.

Pei Li

Fleur Field

No wedding is complete without a photo backdrop. It is after all where photos will be taken and kept for life. Rachel understood this and wanted something that is out of the ordinary. The pressure was then on Pei Li to conceptualise something that is memorable and creative.  

After running through countless ideas, they all settled on the fleur field concept where they imagined the couple strolling through a delicate flower field in muted tones.

That was what inspired us. We went with a minimal approach with flowers made from paper in varying heights.  Each of the paper sculptures is hand-painted, and to create a three-dimensional feel, we added hints of black peeking from the base. We clearly remembered one of the guests walked in and commented, “Is that an art exhibit?” And we knew we had achieved what we set out for.

Pei Li

Isn’t that lovely? A simple comment is all it takes to let Pei Li and her team know that all their effort was worth it. And to Wee Chuan and Rachel, splurging on the décor was also what they were glad to have done because they believe it “sets the mood of the event.”

wedding at Maison Miaja
Photo courtesy of Wee Chuan & Rachel, taken by KAI Picture

The estimated cost of their wedding was $40,000, and for them who had always been a little artsy and private, perhaps this was the only time both of them would be willing to put their love for each other on display, and they have all the right to do so that day.

Judging from the happy and carefree faces of all their friends and family, we know everything was worth it.

 Professionals engaged for the wedding:

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