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Gift Ideas That Speak Your Valentine’s Love Language

The season for lovebirds to express their love for each other is here again. Gimmicky or not, you are likely already thinking about what to do and gift your partner this Valentine’s Day.


Instead of the same-old, why not spice it up a little by picking a Valentine’s Day gift that speaks true to their Love Language? Besides, we know one of the key pillars to a thriving relationship is communication; communicating and expressing your affection the way your significant other wants to receive it will sure score you loads of brownie points!

5 Love Languages:
If you are unfamiliar or needs a refresher, the 5 Love Languages are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service and Receiving gifts. Understanding your partner’s Love Language will help you determine how they prefer to receive affection. To find out what their primary love language is, send them along to complete this quiz.

Words of Affirmation

Someone whose love language is “Words of Affirmation” values communication of positive personal feelings. As such, their Valentine’s Day gifts should surround the theme of conveying sentiments and thoughts.

valentine's day gift
Two Left Feet Greeting Card from The Paper Bunny
Beautiful Cards

Thoughtfully select a card and pen it with some of your honest thoughts and feelings. The Paper Bunny has some really well-crafted designs!


If you find cards too generic, write a heartfelt letter instead. Pick high-quality papers though because we’re sure he/she who receives it will want it to keep it till the pages yellow.

Photo Book

If writing is not up your alley, customise and print a photo book with pictures of the two of you and add on just one or two personal messages in between the pages. (We’re sure you can manage that one or two sentences, otherwise consult the many love poets of all time such as E. E. Cummings.) Photobook Singapore and Artisan Prints are some places you can get started on this.

Frame your Vows

For the married, retrieve the vows you exchanged on your wedding day. Write or print it out and frame it up! Recite it again to him/her when you present the gift.

Quality Time

Someone whose primary love language is “quality time” loves being able to hang out with their partner uninterrupted. So be sure to give them undivided attention this day.


If you have yet to utilise those SingapoRediscover vouchers, use it now to book a romantic staycation. Plan a simple itinerary for the weekend and spend some quality time together.

Card Games

If you’re both homebodies, spend time together grocery shopping and cooking your own Valentine’s Day Dinner. Follow up with a couple card game such as “Our Moments” and play it over a glass of wine to get to know each other! Or you can also download Party Qs to do the same!


Quite literally, you can gift them a watch to symbolise you always setting aside time for them. 😉 Still, be sure to schedule some time together on top of this such as by having a good meal together or engaging in activities you both enjoy.


Physical Touch

This is self-explanatory, these are people who appreciate appropriate touch.

Couple Massage

Book a luxurious couple massage session so you both get to enjoy! With many of us WFM these days, these massage sessions can serve as a great way to de-stress and unwind. (And perhaps get away from the CNY buzz for a bit!)

Learn to Massage

It is not every day we can afford a luxurious trip to the masseurs, so a more sustainable way is to learn how to help give each other massages. This one will go a long way in preparing both of you for married life as well! (There are a couple of WSQ Certified Beginner short courses available so start from there!)

Cuddle up and Netflix

If everyday in your relationship is Valentine’s Day then do what you usually do and just cuddle up and Netflix!


Acts of Service

Someone whose primary love language is “acts of service” will highly appreciate you performing actions that require planning and effort. This essentially means taking on the burden for them!

Cook them a Meal

If your partner has always been the cook in the relationship, switch the role up this time round and cook him/her one of their favourite meals.

Attempt at Concocting Your Own Cocktails

While one of you becomes the one-day-chef, the other can be the one-day-bartender. Plenty of recipes are available online so give homemade cocktails a try! If you’re worried you would mess it up, get backups from local bars such as Kiki’s Reserve who is serving “Love Potion” and “Elixir of Love” this Valentine’s Day!

Help Them Do Something They Have Been Putting Off

As humans, there are bound to be something that they have been procrastinating to complete. It could be fixing that IKEA furniture they bought last year or bringing their pet dog to the groomers. Help them get it done!

Receiving Gifts

Those whose primary love language is receiving gifts value something tangible that also conveys thoughtfulness. Besides getting them something, show them why you got it just for them too!

Custom Jewellery or Accessories

Select a piece of jewellery or accessory that symbolises something significant. For example, a charm in the form of a house from Pandora can mark a significant milestone in your relationship for having successfully getting the keys to your new home. Or custom make a leather wallet with his initials to make it personal.

Flowers and Chocolates

If you’re going classic, go straight for the flowers and chocolates. But you can bring it up a notch by presenting high-quality sweets that are also one of a kind, for example, these handmade chocolates from Janice Wong. For the flowers, there are plenty of wonderful offerings from local florists including these unique arrangements from Floraison Studio and Floral Magic.


Nothing speaks more thoughtfulness than gifting your significant other something that can be used in your future home. Be it ceramic ware, an artwork or a limited-edition carpet, it shows your commitment in building a future together!

There, we hope those are good enough ideas to turn you into the perfect Valentine this year! Share with us any ideas you have!

Feature image – Photo courtesy of Canva

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