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TWM Current Obsession – September 2020

We are nearing the peak wedding season, and while Covid- 19 has thrown many of our plans off center, it has also brought with it many fresh new ideas into the wedding industry. Here’s what we are currently obsessed with, many of which are ideas made possible due to Covid-19.

Handwritten Menus

With banquets and reception hosted for hundreds of guests previously, individually handwritten menus would be near impossible to achieve unless you have plenty of time and patience. However, now that we can or have to hold smaller receptions, a handwritten style food menu could be completed in a reasonable amount of time (which some of us might have aplenty) and with a patience level of an ordinary person. It adds a personal touch to your wedding tablescape and helps you achieve the Pinterest-worthy photos we all love to look at.


Single-tier Cakes

Wedding of TF & YP | Cake by Zee & Elle | Photo by Tinydot, Donn

For weddings in Singapore, it is common for us to see the wedding couple cutting through a piece of foam or plasticine by the side of a four or five tiers model wedding cake. This is mostly because creating a real wedding cake that is at least three tiers in order for it to stand out in a big venue can cost quite a sum.

With a smaller reception, we do away with the need for the cake to be visible from across a ballroom. A small-sized single tier wedding cake is more than enough to add the extra bit of sweetness to the celebration. It is simple, budget-friendly, real and besides, we can never have too much cake!

Face Masks

Photo by Alerisa

Face masks are becoming a huge part of our lives; this piece of accessory can be a way to make your reception and wedding photos pop! Talk to your wedding dress designer to create a piece that will match your wedding gown, or look at these ready-made design options which are perfect for any type of wedding dress you have.


Private Anniversary | Flowers by Bloomen | Photo by thegaleria

With lesser events, we are on board with any excuse to throw a celebration. Anniversaries can be the best place to start. Take this down time to celebrate your parent’s anniversaries by putting together a home-cooked meal for them, or hiring a private chef to serve up delectable meals in the comforts of their home. Or if you’re looking for a fuss-free arrangement to celebrate your own anniversary, book a private dining room together with your significant other to celebrate and no one has to do the dishes!


Short Hair Brides

Are we all perspiring from the heat this past month? Have you considered just cutting all those locks away? Or even tempted to do so but is held back because of your upcoming wedding? You can still cut your hair short even if you’re tying the knot soon! Talk to your wedding hairstylist or makeup artist on a desired look and glam it up with the use of accessories or even highlighting the hair with a certain colour. Use your wedding as the occasion to unveil your brand-new haircut as you begin the brand-new journey of being a Mrs! We promise you will still look equally gorgeous if not more mesmerizing with a fresh new look. There’s truly no shortage of reasons why you should go short!

Minimalist Wedding Dress

Now that weddings are smaller in size and scale, wearing the ballgown you’ve picked pre-covid-19 might seem impractical or out of place. Going minimalist might seem more appropriate and it need not make the occasion any less formal. There is timeless beauty in the simplicity of a well-made minimalistic wedding dress – the very reason why it has gotten more popular in recent years along with minimal makeup looks, hairstyles and even floral arrangements!

If minimalistic is not you, here are some other ideas on what you can wear for your intimate wedding!

Feature image – Cake by Zee & Elle, Photo by Tinydot, Donn

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