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TWM Current Obsession – October 2020

We are seeing some light at the end of the tunnel as businesses are going into recovery mode and restrictions are easing. For that, we’re gearing up and getting ready for what’s to come. Perhaps that is also why our obsession this month hovers around the theme of getting comfortable and cosy!


Going for a Workation or Staycation!

We know the S$100 tourism voucher for Singaporeans to rediscover Singapore will only be available for use from December, but we are already browsing through hotel deals that we can book! The idea of waking up to a different view and to indulge in a bubble bath or two have us all excited for the holiday season! (Pssst, did you realize we’re less than a hundred days away from Christmas?!). Even if having a Staycation is not something up your alley, you could probably do well with a change of environment by having a Workation after being all cooped up at home all this time.

With so many cool and interesting accommodation options on our island, you can have anything that resembles a zen Bali retreat, a luxurious European experience or even just a one-day beach getaway. Check out these sites for deals and promotions as well as some of the best spots for an affordable workation:

Pamper Yourself at Home

Photo by alan caishan on Unsplash

If you’re busy planning and re-adapting plans for your upcoming wedding, remember to make room for some “me time”. To save precious time, you don’t even have to head down to the spa because you can bring the experience to your home! Pamper yourself with some of these home spa experience that we’ve enjoyed:


Private Dining for Home Weddings

Photo by Grovemade on Unsplash

If you’re craving for a fine dining experience after your solemnization at home but do not like the hassle of heading to a restaurant during this time, why not try out a new way of dining? Invite a private chef to your home and see them whip up amazing dishes right in your very own kitchen. (Just be sure to keep to the number of guests allowed for post-solemnization activities taking place at home, which currently is the prevailing number of visitors allowed for home visits.)

The entire experience can be very cosy and interactive and makes for a great way to celebrate an anniversary or a birthday as well! Here are some of our favourite private chefs you can hire:

Texture With Yarn

With more cosy home weddings taking place comes a new set of items to be considered. For instance, how do you maximise and spruce up the look of a small space? Instead of using florals why not try a more permanent fixture that can stay on your walls even after the wedding?

Beeyarnd customizes art pieces with yarn and preserved flowers, which introduces texture and dimension to the artwork. It brings through an interesting look and adds a different touch to your wedding. Loom and Tassel, started by Silvia of Blocmemoire, creates weaving designs that will add vibrancy to your wedding as well as your walls at home after the wedding. Have a look and we are sure you will be equally obsessed!

We hope that gives you an idea on how you can take your well-deserved break. Be it in the form of a staycation, a private dining experience or a spa, you will thank yourself for it because you will need all the energy you can muster when we’ve made the full transition into Phase 3!

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