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TWM Current Obsession – February 2021

It is a common conversation starter to meetings we have been to recently – “What are you doing this CNY (Chinese New Year)?” Have you started your CNY Prep?”, “CNY always comes so fast doesn’t it?”

We know we know, this year things are definitely going to be different with the pandemic still raging all across the globe. But even with restrictions in place, we can still celebrate the start of a new season. In fact, as we find ourselves bombarded with tons of festive offerings by local businesses – cliché as it sounds – we felt a pang of gratitude and got reminded to live in the moment amidst the uncertainty.

So, if you too are in the mood for some festive gifting and decorating, check out our IG Guide with a listing of creative CNY collections by our SG local artisans.

Here are some of our favourites this month!

A Must-Have Accessory for CNY – Masks!

A year ago, we wouldn’t have imagined this accessory being a part of our everyday lives. Now, it is a needed accessory as we shop for new CNY outfits. We love this limited-edition CNY set from Miss Modern. It makes sure your pouch, masks and hair accessory all match!

Going Traditional and Nostalgic

dear samfu is a great place to shop if you would like a nostalgic take to your CNY outfit this year. They make what our grandmas used to wear look hip, comfortable and most of all eco-friendly. Their clothing is produced in small batches using quality rescued fabrics.

Sustainable Ang Bao Packets

Have you always wondered what to do with those ang baos after you’ve taken the cash out of them? Some of us love collecting the nicely designed pieces but some of us always felt guilty for tossing these envelopes away after a single use! For your relatives who haven’t transitioned to e-angbaos yet, perhaps you could let them know there are now better options available. These exquisitely designed ang baos from Left-Hand Design are plantable, so you can start the new year with a new tomato or basil plant!

Why are these not sold out yet?!

Local Ice-Cream Artisans

We know, we are quite disappointed too that the chilly and rainy days we had last month is over. (Although there was a little surprise shower as we are writing this article.) As the weather gets a little warmer and it seems like we are having steamboat meal after meal, these local ice cream by The Ice Cream Cookie Co. makes the perfect dessert! Our go-to is Vanilla Bean and Onde Onde, what about yours?

DIY Nail Wraps

You might find it hard these days to convince yourself to get out of the house just for one nail appointment, especially if you’re still working from home. Thank goodness that DIY nail stickers are now readily available, and we absolutely love them! The options by these nail wrap boutiques are endless and are super convenient. Check out this Chinese New Year Collection from Emery & Co.

If you love nail stickers too, we’re doing a giveaway together with Emery & Co for 3 couples to win a set of matching nail stickers for each of their bridesmaids. To find out more, check out our IG post!

Happy CNY prepping and we wish you and your loved ones a prosperous and abundant new year ahead!

Feature image – Photo courtesy of Emery & Co

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