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TWM Current Obsession – April 2021

If you are like us, you are also eagerly waiting for more details following the recent government’s announcement. The full details may not be out yet, but we do know COVID-19 is still here to stay, and will still largely affect the way we plan weddings.

If you find yourself stuck once again, go back to the articles stored under our “Current Topic” tab. They should give you an idea on how to re-ground yourself and continue chugging ahead with your plans. If you have any questions, drop us a message and we would love to answer them together with inputs from other wedding industry professionals!

While waiting, here are some things the team has been obsessed with this month!


Real Wedding Couple’s Favourite Wedding Songs

wedding spotify
Photo courtesy of Linnette & Keith, taken by Blocmemoire Photography

We’ve covered some very beautiful weddings the past month. More than just a celebration, each of these stories also spotlighted on the people and the happenings during and before the wedding. Give them a read if you haven’t already. We guarantee you will see that everything will be worth it in the end.
You can expect more in the coming months, but you can start here:

While you’re at that, head over to our Spotify page to listen to a consolidated list of wedding songs that make up these couples’ favourites. Their song picks tell us even more about their wedding, and we’ve been obsessed!

Our Local Botanists!

COVID-19 might have shrunken many wedding plans, but it hasn’t shrunk our local florist’s creativity! We’ve been seeing more and more new and creative florists locally and boy do we enjoy seeing their new creations week after week. Here are some of our favourite local botanists if you’re looking for a floral genius to work on your dream wedding with you.


Move over Netflix, Disney+ has brought in our classic animations and of course Marvel!

Have you caught WandaVision yet? We are wondering if anyone is taking their soundtrack as inspo for their wedding songs. How perfect would A Newlywed Couple be for your wedding?

As you can tell, our list is significantly shorter this month. That’s because we’ve been obsessed with improving our site so that it can be of most help to you. One important change you could have noticed is our Directory page which is currently in Beta Mode. Please give it a go and let us know your feedback and thoughts here. We will greatly appreciate it as our priority will always be you and the community we want to build!

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