Sunday, September 24, 2023

Tropical Blooms

Enough of those pastel colour palettes or rose gold accents because here is something that is wayyyy more fun and exciting! 

Photo by The Curious Light

Built around a combination of elements that “pops”, this team of wedding professionals produced a shoot that screams “SURPRISE!”. First conceptualized by The Wedding People, the team, together with several like-minded professionals, created a shoot that is unlike any other.

We wanted to steer away from typical norms that exists in nearly every wedding using a combination of “Pop Colours”.

Jordan from The Wedding People

The emphasized use of yellow, turquoise and coral as well as balloons in this shoot sure brings good cheer and a much-needed respite for everyone during this time of gloom and uncertainty. 

…with the kind of situation looming over us because of the dreaded pandemic, the wedding and events industry had been hit hard; we wanted to seize the opportunity to help the vendors, and thus we began a collaboration for the shoot.

Jordan from The Wedding People

With a colour palette that strong, the venue, Havilah by Wild Olive Branch, provided the perfect canvas for the team to work their magic. The neutral tones of the space only helped to make the setting stand out even more!

More synonymous with parties, not many would think to use balloons in weddings. Yet, the Professionals behind this shoot played it out nicely with the use of chic furniture and carefully selected blooms. The result is a setup that retains the elegance that many sought to have in a wedding, with an added component of modern fun. 

Let’s face it, not all of us are flowers people. Incorporating our favourite elements into the celebration, no matter how unusual it may seem, will definitely make the occasion a lot more personal.

We want to tell couples that they do not need to follow the trend nor fall to peer pressure, but to create a memory that is uniquely them; a wedding that tells their stories. A “Do whatever you want, whenever you want!” kind of attitude if you will.

Jordan from The Wedding People

Indeed, a perfect celebration need not have to be extravagant because most often than not, what your guests remember is how your wedding reflects your own style and personality. This is also what The Wedding People hope more couples would take away from this shoot.

What we feel is that a wedding should reflect your journey. After all, it is a major milestone in a relationship, it would be nice to add in some elements that better reflect the couple’s character, their lives, or even their common interests.

Jordan from The Wedding People

For all the couples looking to get an exciting setup like this, be prepared to set aside an estimated amount of S$3,000 – $4,000. For individual professional’s offering, you can download their service rates here.

Professionals behind the shoot:

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