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Welcome to TWM Wedding Directory! Hover over Directory on our menu above (or click into Directory on your mobile) to see the full list of vendor categories we have put together for you. Here, we aim to make the search for your Dream Wedding Team a breeze. Our directory lists wedding vendors who have been in the wedding industry for a significant period. All of them are recognised in their area of expertise and are highly valued by brides and grooms before you.

We will continuously strive to put forth wedding vendors we would trust ourselves as if we’re engaging them for our own wedding. Many of them listed on the directory are choice vendors chosen by others in the same industry for their own weddings! In particular, those tagged with “The Wed Mag Pro” are vendors who have stepped forward to affirm their commitment to delivering quality services. We hope this gives you some peace of mind while sourcing and selecting your vendors.

To help you kickstart this process, we’ve listed some ways you can best use the directory. The first step is, of course, to go to our Directory!

Photo taken by Yu Hsin, Tinydot Photography, at The Wed Mag Styled Shoot

Filter According to Your Preference, Style and Budget

After being in the wedding industry for more than a decade, we know the challenge in
finding the right vendor for you. So! We’ve built our directory with a filtering system in mind for you to get to who you need and want as quickly as possible! In each directory, you can filter for

  • the service feature you need and/or preferences
  • the price range you’ve budgeted for that area of the wedding
  • location (if applicable)


After all that filtering, to help you “save” your shortlisted options, use the “bookmark”
function! No account needs to be created to bookmark, simply click on the ❤ and the
platform will track your favourites for you. Just remember to enable cookies and avoid
browsing in Incognito mode!

TWM Tip: Once you’ve shortlisted your vendors, go to your bookmark page to review them. You can then schedule your meetings with these vendors by their location so you don’t have to travel around the island in a single weekend!

Browse Reviews

If you’re keen to know more about a vendor or that you’re still sitting on the fence, the best way to help you make a decision is to know what others are saying about them. Give the reviews a read! And don’t forget to leave your review after your wedding to support the vendors and to help other brides or grooms after you!

We trust that our readers are honest in sharing their experiences and we will moderate all reviews to prevent abuse.

Photo taken by Yu Hsin, Tinydot Photography, at The Wed Mag Styled Shoot

We’re constantly improving the sourcing experience for you so do send us a note if you face any difficulty or if you have any feedback. We’re all ears, email us at!

More quality wedding vendors will be added in the time to come, to make this a comprehensive guide for you!

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