Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Pro Feature: Lalu From Wulala!

The Pro Feature is a series where we shift the spotlight onto the people who have made countless “big day” dreams come true. Working behind the scenes, they each carry their own stories that are often too beautiful and intriguing not to share.

This week we shine the limelight on Lalu, the founder of kick-ass creative styling studio Wulala!.

Perhaps you aren’t the only one ogling over Wulala!’s delightful and exciting IG feed. Since they started more than 4 years ago, they have worked through countless event spaces. With their magic touch, a space is instantly transformed; hinting ever so slightly at the elements that will soon become the next “in” thing in wedding styling. Tastemakers like them only got us looking forward to their next creation and sometimes even going wulala~

If you ever wonder how the fun and catchy business name came about, it goes right back to the roots. Lalu has the family name “Wu” and a father who loves saying “wulala” a lot; a word that sure evokes blissful feelings of joy and merriment. Naturally, going into the business of merry-making could do with a befitting name like such – don’t you agree?

Apart from being the Tastemaker we know, we think Lalu also has discerning tastebuds! She had introduced us to some of the best coffee we have ever had on the day we sat down with her to pick her brain. Don’t be surprised to find our conversation moving from building the business to yes, food and cooking!

Q: What made you start the business?

Lalu: I started the business out of boredom. In my previous job as a visual merchandiser 4 to 5 years ago, during the first month I had nothing to do because nobody had time to teach me what to do. I was so bored I created the website for Wulala. At that time, party styling was getting increasingly popular and I was also always helping my friends to dress up their parties, so I thought why not just open up my services.

Q: What’s the best piece of business advice given to you when you were starting out?

Lalu: I think when you are just starting out and you’re working very hard, there will be people who come along and say, “just keep doing what you do, someday your potential will be realised by some people, and then you will meet the correct people and then good things will happen.”

TWM Notes: We often forget how such an encouragement can truly drive one who is just starting out to continue forward! There is so much one has to give up and adjust to at the very beginning and not many would be able to accept the sacrifices that has to be made, or perhaps not?

wulala wedding
Photo courtesy of Lalu, Wulala!
Q: What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made in your career so far?

Lalu: I don’t think I’ve made a lot of big sacrifices so far, because I’m someone who finds joy in whatever I do, so I don’t find that it is a sacrifice.

Even if you have to work on Public Holidays or the weekends, it is because you choose to do it and you choose to take up the job so I wouldn’t say it is a sacrifice.

Q: What’s your greatest success in your career to date?

Lalu: I’m just very happy with all the relationships I’ve forged with people and the vendors I’ve met through work.

TWM Notes: Are we the only ones caught by surprise with Lalu’s reply to this? But we sure see the wisdom in it – the most priceless thing one could get is friendship and connection with others.

wulala wedding
Photo courtesy of Lalu, Wulala!
Q: What’s your favourite wedding venue?

Lalu: Anywhere outdoors!

Q: Your favourite wedding song?

Lalu: Kiss Me (cover version by Kina Grannis)

Q: Do you have any favourite book of the moment?

Lalu: Recipe books! I got a pressure cooker during 10/10 sale, and I joined this Facebook group for pressure cooker where they share recipes and they’re verrryyy good! The kampong spirit is very strong there! (Hahaha)

Q: What are you passionate about outside of weddings?

Lalu: I recently picked up cooking and hosting because of the pandemic and I really really enjoyed that. Cooking and hosting..I think it is similar to what I do at Wulala; putting everything nicely and have everyone come together!

Q: What’s your biggest strength?

Lalu: Being personable?

TWM Notes: True that! It is so easy to talk to Lalu it is as if she carries sparks with her every where she goes; you’re immediately drawn to her personality!

And speaking with Lalu had only made us see the beauty of the wedding community even more. It strikes us how the wedding industry is made up of individuals who do not see sacrifices as sacrifices but as a choice they’ve made.

We hope this has been a refreshing read for all of you who are curious about the creative mind behind Wulala!, and to learn more about what Lalu does at work, read the insights coming up on The Wed Mag tomorrow!

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