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The Alternative Wedding – A Pandemic Home Wedding

At the height of COVID-19, didn’t we get taunted by far too many memes that Shakespeare wrote “King Lear” during a pandemic? While some of us might not have taken that too seriously, it is true that a period of lockdown could serve as a creative source of inspiration to produce an incredible piece of work. Well, at least that is the case with this team of highly creative wedding professionals.

Photo by Juanmoley Fotologue

Inspired by their clients, the current pandemic and the changing times, Phillane of Med Kärlek Inc, together with a carefully curated team of Professionals, produced this amazing shoot to share the message that “Pandemic Weddings can still be special and beautiful”.

We wanted to present an unconventional wedding direction yet keep the creative space open so we worked with creatives that would also add their own personal touch into the brief.

Phillane – Med Kärlek Inc

While the idea of a home wedding may not be entirely new, this particular shoot breaks away from the norm to showcase a setup that is, as Phillane shares, “sexy, sophisticated and fashionable but not trendy.”  


Designed with newly engaged young couples in mind, The Alternative Wedding is as real as it can get. It is set in a space we’re all too familiar with – a HDB flat. Making it even more perfect for those who have gotten their BTO flats but have yet to get it furnished, you just need a dining table and a wall that serves as your backdrop.

On the table, we only wanted whiskey, cake, bread and good music to party the evening away, nothing fancy but a whole lot fun, and it was something we hope that anyone who attends the wedding would share with the couple.

Phillane – Med Kärlek Inc

They even took it a step further by styling and improvising the model’s outfit!

As for the outfit of the couple, we wanted the bride to wear something simple (perhaps something she pulled out from her wardrobe) yet classy and fierce, so we went with a shirt dress from Zara (we altered it to make it shorter ), thigh high socks and a black boots (model’s own). Groom’s outfit was custom made and his own too.

Phillane from Med Kärlek Inc

While the shoot may have been born out of a time of disruption, it is also an avenue or a stepping stone if you will, for the wedding industry to begin the transition and to embrace a new form of normalcy. If there is one thing that Phillane wishes to see in more real weddings, it is this willingness to try out something different –

I think Singaporeans can be a little more adventurous and be more willing to accept small weddings / home weddings. Being able to have a wedding held in a HDB can be a luxury too. Having boundaries presents the opportunity to be more innovative in creating a wedding atmosphere. Therefore, we came up with “The Alternative Wedding” shoot hoping to present an alternative kind of wedding for new age brides. We hope to see more couples stepping out of wedding norms and creating a celebration designed just for them.

Phillane – Med Kärlek Inc

For the new age bride thinking about getting a similar setup, the estimated cost would range between S$3800 – S$4800 depending on the space and type of florals used. Reach out to the creative masterminds behind the shoot to see how they can further infuse your style to your own “Alternative Wedding” setup!

Professionals behind the shoot:

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