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Setting Up a Wedding RSVP Website

We’ve seen the rise in popularity with digital Save the Dates and Wedding Invitation for some time now. Not only is it a more environmentally friendly approach, it is also a cost-effective alternative to sending out physical copies. Even better, these digital options make RSVP-ing to your wedding an easy and seamless experience for your guests and best of all it takes away the data collation nightmare from the already stressful wedding planning process!

But how should you get started with your very own RSVP Wedding Website? Here are 5 easy steps together with all the essential information you need!

  1. Determine Which Wedding Website Is the Best Fit for You
Wedding of Carlos & Miwako | Sample Wedding Website

There are tons of wedding websites available out there, ranging from free to use, to premium options that costs you a few hundred. What type of wedding websites suits you should be determined by your requirements, for example are you having multiple events? Do you have a mix of tech-savvy guests and non tech-savvy guests? Check out our evaluation of wedding websites to get started!

After shortlisting the website that best fits your need, go on to create an account!

  1. Filling In Your Wedding Info

The basic information that should be on your website is not limited to the following:

  • Wedding Date and Time
  • Name of Wedding Venue(s)
  • Address(es) of Wedding Venue(s)
  • RSVP Deadline
Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash

If you have guests you’re inviting from overseas, it will be useful to provide them with information that help plan their trip.

  • Recommended hotels near your wedding venue
  • Recommended restaurants (it can be your favourite restaurants you would like them to try)
  • Recommended tourist spots
  • Recommended “Apps” to download to navigate the country

Besides this, having a Q&A section that covers common guests’ questions will not only provide clarity to your guests but also saves you the trouble and time to have to answer them individually when they contact you personally! Some common questions include

  • Am I allowed to bring a “+ 1”
  • Can my kids come along? 
  • Where is the nearest parking space?
  • What is the Dress Code?
  1. Setting Up the RSVP Questions

Now, here comes the main reason why RSVP websites are so helpful; it is an easy and efficient way to consolidate all the information you require from guests so it becomes the least time consuming task for the wedding. Here are some common information you will need from your guests:

  • Their full name
  • Will they be attending the celebration(s)?
  • Are they bringing along any + 1s?
  • Do they have any dietary requirements?
  • What is their Mailing Addresses? (if you’re still sending a physical invite)
  • Do they have any Special Requests e.g. a baby chair for their child?
  1. Beautifying Your Website

Most wedding websites comes with a design catalogue for you to choose a design from –  select one that best fits your wedding theme! Some wedding websites even have complementing stationery for you to make sure your entire wedding design aligns aesthetically. To make it more personal, upload your engagement photos or even information such as fun facts about your relationship or who is in your bridal party!

Website Designs from Joy
  1. Send Out Save the Dates!

The final step is to get the website link out there together with your Save the Dates. You can use your engagement photos as your Save the Date, or there are ready-made designs available almost everywhere online. If you’re looking at creating something on your own, try Canva! Or support a local artist which we have compiled here, or on Etsy or Fiverr!

What should be on your Save the Dates? Find out more from our guide to Save the Dates and Wedding Invitations.

Now that you know what needs to be done, start creating your own wedding website!

Feature image – Screenshot from Carlos & Miwako’s Wedding Website

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