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Real Wedding During a Pandemic: Noel & Nadia

How often can we say we’re excited and looking forward to attending a wedding? Not that often for most, we assume. But when we hear Landscape Architect, Nadia and Noel, a Project Manager, share their initial vision for their wedding reception, we can’t wait to experience it ourselves!

Pandemic wedding in Singapore
Photo courtesy of Noel & Nadia

Our wedding banquet would have the concept of foliage, earthy, war-like elements as we enjoyed movies like “13-hrs: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”, and “Hacksaw Ridge”. In addition, Nadia is a Landscape Architect, so floral and foliage arrangement would play an important role to create the experience for guests to enjoy!


They’re basically planning to engineer their once-in-a-lifetime event into some kind of thrilling experience! But they have to abort this mission, at least for now, because plans had to change after the announcement of an uninvited guest – Ms Corona. Everything, including the venue, vendors and plans had to be changed except for the wedding date, which was set on 10/10/2020; a day that had proven itself to be extremely popular to tie the knot this year.

After being forced to change course, the couple went back to the basics and the plan was, as they said, “to keep things really simple”.

We hunted for a simple venue to have a simple gathering with our family. It was a photography studio in a shophouse area. We love shophouses! It lets in a lot of skylight, which is good for photography – so why not!

Noel & Nadia

Set against the clean and sleek walls of the studio, the couple’s choice of wedding flowers and décor stood out immaculately. Yet, nothing could be as perfect as being surrounded by their dear ones on such an important day. Each family member showered their blessings to the couple by playing a role that was pre-assigned – isn’t that the best way to celebrate the coming together of two lives and two families?

It was a special day that was spent with lots of love from our family. Noel sent out a schedule a week before the wedding to our family, with call-times, list of things to bring, car allocation, etc. My family went in slightly earlier to do some decorations and styling to the venue. Everyone else came on time and we had a very candid solemnisation with laughter here and there. It was unplanned and you could feel the warmth.


While there are plenty of merits to a well-planned wedding itinerary, we can’t deny that sometimes what’s most memorable are the things that are done impromptu. For instance, Nadia’s mother putting on the veil for her was decided only that day, and so did Noel’s nephew and niece who decided to be the page boy and flower girl just moments before the march-in! Likewise for our newlywed, some of the most memorable moments are those that happened in a spur of a moment –

Noel kept looking at the Solemniser’s script, instead of Nadia – leading to laughter. And the lifting of the wedding veil were some of the most memorable moments from the wedding

Noel & Nadia

Even without being physically present, we could feel the love in the air just through these photos. Isn’t it apt that they chose to march in to Pentatonix’s version of “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”? We’re sure everyone did because these family portraits say them all!

We did have a family photography shoot which was what we wanted as everyone dress beautifully in pastels and neutrals!


Having to overhaul their plan midway through planning AND having to source for every single essential vendor for such a popular wedding date must have been quite a journey for Nadia and Noel. So what do they have to say to couples facing a similar situation?

Don’t stress on the details and be happy! It’s a special day that ultimately consists of the two of you, don’t fret if things don’t go right.

Noel & Nadia

Yes! Even if things don’t go right, none of your guests would know. Go for a really simple plan like what Noel and Nadia had and it wouldn’t be any less memorable, we promise! And if you’re wondering how much this really simple plan had cost Noel and Nadia, “A rough count would be under $1,500.” says Nadia. Doesn’t that make it an even more perfect 10/10 wedding?!

Professionals engaged for the wedding:

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