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Real Wedding During a Pandemic: Leonard & Gladys

Should we just make “change” the Wedding Word of the Year? For you who are currently amid planning your nuptial, you must have made at least one change to your plans. Likewise, for Leonard and Gladys who both were “lost” when their initial plan was thwarted due to the pandemic.

It was the perfect plan for a chilly December wedding where family and close friends were meant to find themselves gathered cosy in the luxe dining hall of Caroline’s Mansion. They were supposed to let their hair down, pick up a drink or two, sit back and immerse themselves in the tunes from the harpist in the room. Everyone would be free to be themselves and they would get good food to savour, a live band’s company and a night of capturing this glorious day at the photo booth.

real wedding during a pandemic
Photo courtesy of Leonard & Gladys

But all these “live” actions had to be cancelled when the pandemic hits. Change it must but Leonard and Gladys decided to still make it the best day of their lives. Thanks to that, the day went as per how they envisioned it to be with perfect weather for them to complete their gate crash, tea ceremony, wedding ceremony and reception smoothly.

And their approach that get them through it all? – Limited parental supervision (they made all the decisions themselves), lots of Googling, Instagram/Pinterest-ing and most importantly an open mind.

Most of the decision for the wedding were made by us as there was not much interference or restriction by our parents, so we just go with what we like. Lucky for us we kept an open mind, so it did not affect us much.

Leonard and Gladys

Perhaps it was this openness that sparked the inspiration of the wedding professionals they worked with.

Walking into the venue, you’re greeted by an elaborate display of flowers lining the grand staircase of Caroline’s Mansion. Seriously, what could make an even more beautiful welcome than this? It was definitely a showstopper but the show did not end here.


Entering the dining hall, a careful selection of flowers bloomed in dainty vessels and vases. Each arrangement was artfully piece together and they fill all the tables throughout the space. It felt almost like wading through a flower meadow but without the clear blue sky. Still the high ceiling and interior of Caroline Mansion (which the couple fell in love with in the first place) more than made up for it. It added an additional dimension of timelessness and elegance!

Florist Jessica from CC Lee shared that it was the couple’s openness and complete trust in them that inspired their work –

The couple were very receptive to our ideas and suggestions and gave us a free hand in the styling. They wanted something elegant and yet understated.  To achieve this, we marry nude with lots of white and then add pops of plum. And voila! We created a soft look that is subtle and pristine.

Jessica, CC Lee Designs

It is not everyday a couple will be receptive to amp up their floral décor but the couple did not need much convincing. They are already fully aware how much of a difference a well-decorated space can make and they’re all in to make the day for their guests.

The couple’s love of flowers and their exceptional good taste for beautiful arrangements led us to suggesting floral top-ups.  Also, their deep appreciation of how visually impactful and the marked difference a top-up will make. Their intention was to create a nice and warm ambience for their guests to enjoy, and hopefully providing an uplifting vibe and lilting flow during this uncertain time.

Jessica, CC Lee Designs

With a setup like that, it is no wonder the couple think the floral top ups were the best purchase they made for the wedding.


We’re glad we splurged on the top up of floral arrangement for our venue, it was amazing and (we) never regret doing it.

Leonard and Gladys

To add that bit of “liveliness” that had now gone astray due to the pandemic, the couple went for a wedding cake that is butterfly themed.  

Leonard and Glady’s cake artist, Zee & Elle, had shared the same vision as Jessica; that of evoking a kind of openness and freedom as when one is running through a vast meadow.

We took inspiration from Elena Gnut’s works, a Russian cake artist and envisioned a scene where the couple run freely and dance through the flower fields while reminiscing their times together, with butterflies fluttering around them.

We chose white cherry blossoms as they are an emblem of love and affection, coupled with blue butterflies and linings to evoke freedom and tranquillity. We also created more uneven textures on the cake to mimic the vast landscape and a celebration of how far they’ve come, and a life milestone where they’ve found the person to spend the rest of their lives together with.

Zee & Elle

A flower meadow concept and a cake with butterflies fluttering in mid-air? – It is truly a picture-perfect match! And true to that, Leonard and Gladys wouldn’t have changed a thing about their wedding even if given the chance. For all the brides/grooms-to-be who wish to find their own kind of perfect concept match, the couple has a tip –

Choose what reflects your taste as a couple and do it, don’t be stressed thinking of trying to make everyone happy, wedding planning already is so much of a planning, stay positive! As for the wedding day itself, do not worry and enjoy the process!

Leonard & Gladys

If you could take one more tip from the TWM team, it would be that Leonard and Glady’s strong vision and complete trust in their wedding professionals helped them create their best work. It also need not be too extravagant – the couple’s wedding comes up to an estimated cost of $40,000.  

Professionals engaged for the wedding:

Feature image – Photo courtesy of Leonard & Gladys

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