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Re-Thinking the Way You Host Your Wedding

This article is part of our Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic: Covid-19 series.

How are you settling with the “new normal”? It is undeniable that COVID-19 has brought a tremendous amount of change to every part of our lives. We continue to see this happening in wedding celebrations. Couples are now hosting ceremonies and receptions in ways never seen before or in a format previously deemed too casual.

Yet now, these novel ways of celebrating are becoming the preferred way to tie the knot. No one is complaining because honestly, who would when weddings are now more heartfelt, personalised and full of character!

If you’re just about to begin planning your wedding, we challenge you to unlearn everything you know about weddings. Take time to re-think and to re-discover the ways you can make your celebration truly yours.

Perhaps today you can take inspiration from how unconventional event spaces like Crane can be one way to begin this process. We also find out from them how they’re managing the constantly-changing pandemic restrictions.

Featured Venue:
Crane, tucked away in a corner near Robertson Quay, is a quaint space with a boho-industrial vibe. If “chill” makes up a good part of how you’re going to be describing your wedding, this chic space is your best bet to get everyone letting their hair down and enjoy some good grub.

How is the space configuration like at Crane and how many people can it accommodate?

Combined, the spaces at Crane are able to host weddings for 50-100 pax!

Crane has two separate rooms adjacent to our main celebration space – three separate spaces altogether.

Tsuru, our library space, is perfect for an intimate solemnisation with family and close friends, or a quiet spot for gorgeous photographs. You can host your closer friends here (where they can safely get a little drunk and noisy!)

Gru, our conference room, is great for family; easy for parents to keep a watchful eye on small children at our long marble table.

Finally, you can host the rest of your guests in the common room.

These three individual zones together will host a group of up to 100 pax.

crane wedding
Photo courtesy of Crane
crane wedding
Photo courtesy of Crane
How is the venue managing the zoning requirements if you allow more than 1 zone?

We work with couples very closely to plan the three areas, and we will ensure that guests are assigned only to one zone.

With multiple entrances, guests are assigned staggered entrance/exit points. This ensures they do not form groups at one particular entrance/exit.

Our team also moves discreetly through the spaces to ensure no safe management measures are violated (no intermingling, masks on except with food/drinks consumption).

Are there further measures Crane is taking on top of government measures?

Crane follows all government advisories strictly, and we make it a point to communicate all requirements at the planning stage with all our clients and couples. On the big day, Crane’s team is always on hand, managing entry, social distancing, mask-wearing, and all other required distancing rules.

Photo courtesy of Crane
If Pre-Event Testing (PET) is required, how involved are you in handling the PET (in order words, what should we expect to do/handle in addition to our existing wedding plans)?

We keep it simple – couples, please communicate with your guests!

This is what you’ll need to tell them:

  • Processes for taking their COVID-19 tests (approved clinics, timing)
  • Only with a valid negative COVID-19 test result, taken within a specific period of time, will they be allowed to attend your wedding.
  • Guests must provide the documentation for the above.
  • You can decide for yourself if you are comfortable bearing the cost of the testing, or if you’re requiring guests to pay for their own tests.

Couples should keep updated on MOH’s advisories. Crane is happy to work with you and advise you. In accordance with restrictions, Crane will be required to regretfully refuse entry to any guests who have not followed the guidelines you shared with them.

To what extent is Crane flexible in terms of accommodating changing guest attendance?

Crane understands that things change. Give us at least 2 weeks’ notice if your guest numbers change, so we can adjust your floor plan accordingly, and arrange for the availability of furniture.

Of course, some things are beyond your control – announcements from the government, for instance. We’re happy to help you adapt your event to restrictions. If you choose to postpone your wedding, Crane will provide venue credit for up to 6 months.

What has Crane done or is preparing to do in anticipation of the new normal/uncertainty of the pandemic?

We now have fall-back plans we can propose to couples who may be affected by last-minute restriction changes. We will propose options to scale down, adjust, and re-set floor plans and attendance lists so that the event does not have to be entirely cancelled.

Credit options are also available for couples who prefer to postpone their event. We do not pressure couples one way or the other – the choice is entirely theirs.

Crane’s floor space configuration has been permanently adjusted to create much more space between tables and seats, so that adjustments are easy to make. Even after restrictions are eased, Crane plans to continue adopting our new configurations and plans to host intimate events in our venue.

How is the process like to book the space and what is included?

Drop us a line at and let us know a date and time you’ll be available to recce our beautiful space! Our Events team will be in touch to show you around and share the package options with you.

We’ll need a 50% deposit for the space you’ve chosen. Once we receive this, your booking is confirmed.

There are no hidden fees involved and no security deposit – just the rental fee and GST. Your space rental includes full usage of the space and facilities such as a projector and microphone; basic cleaning; and use of all furniture in the space, for you to decorate to your theme.

We hope these insights from Crane give you a better idea how non-traditional event spaces can support your dream of hosting a wedding true to your personality!

A big shout out to Crane for sharing their inputs with us!

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