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Proposal Ideas We Love

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To propose is to ask for one’s hand in marriage. Although seen as a simple question, behind each “Will you marry me?” is a love story with a plethora of chapters and experiences unique to every couple. 

We’ve seen many ways one can pop the question, and we’d love to share them with you here to spark some inspiration for your big day.

Your Special Place 

The list begins with what we call “original” ideas, which can be traced all the way back to your parents’ (or grandparents’) generation. If you’re a low-risk taker, tie your surprise to a romantic staycation or dinner at a fancy location. It seems simple, but picking the perfect place takes a tad bit of effort – we wouldn’t want it to seem like you CTRL-V’d this off the internet! Good memories always triumph—be it the first place you set eyes on each other or your first date, pick a spot that holds a strong sense of nostalgia in your relationship, and prepare to make this occasion the best day of your life. 

Scavenger Hunt or Games Station

It’s always nice to take a trip down memory lane; what’s better? Make this memory lane interactive by inviting those who have made an impact in your partner’s life to witness this big day with you. From schoolmates as early as primary school to close friends from their current workplace, rent a space with several rooms and assign one room to each group. In each room, a specific activity/game would be played to bring your partner back in time. For yourself, you’ll be waiting for her at the last “station,” to pop the question in the presence of all whom she holds dear. If this doesn’t make you cry with joy and nostalgia, we don’t know what will! 

Do it Overseas

“Adventurers, globetrotters, wayfarers” – If these words scream your relationship, taking your proposal beyond the shores of this tiny red dot might just be the perfect idea. Some destinations at the top of our minds are Grindelwald in Switzerland for breathtaking views, Cappadocia in Turkey for a gravity defying proposal in a hot air balloon, or the whimsical Eiffel Tower in Paris for a dreamy and romantic gesture. 

For some reasons if you cannot head overseas, check out these venues with holiday vibes!

Go Retro

Pair suspense up with a hint of nostalgia by proposing using a Gachapon machine. Like the popular PopMart trend of today, you’ll never know which “toy” you’ll be getting until the capsule lands in the collection tray. Replace the toy with a proposal ring, and there you have it – a surprise dropped (pun intended) into the hands of your unsuspecting partner. 

Girls, We Can Get Down on One Knee Too!

Men and women alike, we all love a good surprise, especially if it’s well-thought out and unprecedented. Although most men have been traditionally wired to propose, ladies, it’s time to dive into the trend of unconventionality, to be the ones popping the question instead. Switch things up a little this time, and who knows – it may be the best surprise your partner has ever experienced in his lifetime. 

Add Your Own Kind of Humour

We’ve seen intimate proposals with a dash of humor that amplified the special occasion; for K and C’s proposal, K had C film him grilling food while they were out for a meal. When the camera flipped to face K, he popped the question to C, the woman of his dreams, who was behind the camera. With C filming her own proposal, we must say – K really personalized his proposal to a whole new level. 

A proposal doesn’t have to be done in outdoor settings; For JJ and M, JJ took his chance when M first came home from an overseas trip. Thing is, M was feeling all jetlagged, and the first thing she wanted to do was to sleep her fatigue away. However, JJ still proceeded to propose by her bedside, saying that he’ll only let her sleep if she said yes. Don’t worry, M was allowed to sleep that day!

All in all, these are just some suggestions amongst the ocean of ideas one can explore. In the end, a touch of personalization is what makes the whole experience truly a special one. 

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