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Pantone Colour of the Year – Illuminating & Ultimate Grey

Pantone has released the colour of the year 2021, and it does put a bright start to 2021 for us to be looking forward to. The two colours – PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Grey + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating goes hand in hand in describing the year we had.

If you’re wondering how to incorporate these trending colours into your wedding, here are some ideas for your wedding to scream 2021!


Set Up a Magazine Editorial Shoot

We’ve always loved the idea of a magazine-style editorial shoot (we are called The Wed Mag after all!). With the option of overseas photoshoot still pretty much out of the picture, this is a fab idea to do something equally different and fun.

Talk to your photographer and enlist the help of a stylist and/or florist to dress up a studio. Incorporate elements of yellow because why not? It is your chance to go bold! Or get creative, photos can be taken anywhere really! Add an interesting outfit to bring out the essence of an editorial shoot.

Go for Contrasting Settings Outdoors!

Yellow and grey reminds us of the weather in Singapore, it can be as bright as Sun one second, and gloomy with dark clouds the next. Our tip is to embrace what nature has to offer and use every moment to create a lasting memory. A shoot set against the yellow rays of a rising sun can be equally romantic on a grey and rainy day.

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Bridesmaids Dresses

The brightest way to incorporating colour is through the people who enlivens your wedding the most – your best girlfriends! Here are some yellow and grey dress inspirations that is sure to brighten up your wedding photos (and your day):

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Bride’s Attire

It is easy to gravitate towards bright colours for your evening gown. Why not consider silver and grey? These embellishments bring out the elegance of the muted colour! Or consider adding silver detailing to a white gown for an interesting yet subtle twist.

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There’s no limit to how you can incorporate colours through your wedding stationery. Get creative with different range of yellow and grey shades on the invite, envelope and any accompanying cards!

Here are more ideas we’ve put together for you to share with your designer (you’re welcome!):

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Wedding Cake

Isn’t Yellow a happy and delightful colour? No one will forget you had a cake at your wedding!

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Wedding Décor & Florals

We seldom see Yellow being used as the main colour in a palette, probably because if it’s not used right, it’s very easy to look cheesy. Here are 2 suggestions as to how you can use Yellow creatively with confidence, along with one of our favourite ways to use Grey:

Go Big

Yellow can be an amazing colour on chairs and furniture, brightening up space in an unexpected way. Pair it with a dark foundation shade so it stands out without being too overwhelming. Or go big on your bridal bouquet for that pop of colour on you.

Go Mellow

For something mellower, yellow and grey goes well together with a fairly muted palette. Or move through the colour gradient by pairing yellow with orange for a more dynamic look!

Grey Foundation

Start your marriage with a solid foundation. Concrete is a great element that gives your wedding décor a clean yet impactful look.

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Hop on over to our Pinterest page for more inspirations! And we would love to see how you have or plan to incorporate the Pantone Colours to your wedding. Want to be featured? Drop us a note at here!

Feature image – Colours announced by Pantone

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