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Memorable Weddings On-Screen

Wedding Scenes have become essential tropes to movies and TV shows, signaling a fairytale-like happy ending to a love story. These romantic scenes take on different forms from casual elopements, drunken Vegas nuptials, to grand royal weddings. What are some memorable weddings that have left a mark on you, or even inspired your real wedding?

Here are some memorable weddings we’ve seen on screen!

About Time

Screenshot from About Time

Trust a movie to make such a bad weather in a wedding still look fun and memorable! Those big gushes of wind and rain did not dampen the spirits! Also, nothing is as iconic as a non-white wedding dress.

Watch the scene here:

Bride Wars

Screenshot from Bride Wars

Two is better than one!

The wedding scene in “Bride Wars” is the perfect rendition of how distinct personalities and preferences could make one similar event, a wedding, so utterly different! Although soul sisters Emma and Olivia grew up together, both have different takes on what a dream wedding should look like (minus their venue of course!).

It is interesting (and exciting) to see both weddings happening side by side. Are you more Emma or Olivia?

Watch the iconic battle of the brides scene here:

Crazy Rich Asians

Screenshot from Crazy Rich Asians

We can’t be Singaporeans without mentioning Crazy Rich Asians. The most talked about wedding in 2018 also featured over-the-top details such as a water-filled aisle for the bride, extensive décor and also a cover of Can’t Help Falling in Love by Kina Grannis that became an extremely popular song for wedding march-ins. The hit has more than 103 million plays on Spotify!

Although logistically (and realistically) hard to pull off, we’ve heard there’s no lack of request from brides-to-be to include these “stunts” inspired from the movie. We can’t wait to see Rachel and Nick’s wedding scene next in the sequel, China Rich Girlfriend.

Watch the scene at CHIJMES Hall here:

The One with Ross’s Wedding

Screenshot from Friends

We’re all fans of Friends here at The Wed Mag and the most unforgettable wedding scene would have to be the one with Ross making the only mistake one should never ever make in their entire lifetime – saying the wrong bride’s name at the altar! Yet there is so much honesty in this scene as it reveals there has always been only one person who has his heart all along. (Awww)

Watch the scene here:

Gossip Girl
Chuck and Blair’s wedding

Screenshot from Gossip Girl

There are so many weddings in the TV show, from 5th marriages, royal weddings to intimate ceremonies at home. However, our favourite of the lot has to be Chuck and Blaire in her iconic Ellie Saab wedding dress.

The spontaneous wedding that happened as quickly as possible before Chuck was pulled away left a mark in our minds, not to mention how it had inspired a trend towards non-white wedding dresses! At a location like Bethesda Terrace, they truly don’t need much decoration and all that completes the ceremony is being surrounded by their loved ones.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Bill and Fleur’s wedding

Screenshot from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Ahhhh, nothing as magical as a Harry Potter wedding ain’t it?

With so much dancing, clapping and laughter under the magical tent, this definitely made it into one of our favourite wedding scenes on screen!


Sex and the City Movie

Screenshot from Sex and the City Movie

Carrie’s first wedding might not have gone through, but it would have been one memorable wedding. With their venue being at the historical New York City Public Library, it has already won over our hearts!

Screenshot from Sex and the City Movie

The second wedding was perfect in its own right too! Modern, intimate, fuss-free and taking place right at City Hall itself with a vintage dress Carrie thrifted herself…we’re won over once more!


Screenshot from Twilight

Twilight might not be the best franchise out there, but the wedding scene of Edward and Bella is undeniably beautifully made. From her classic Carolina Herrera gown, to the hanging florals and the now classic wedding song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, it has become an inspiration for many.


Gosh! All those romantic scenes have us feeling all smitten and hungover in love! We are sure you must have some of your favourites –  spread the love and share with us what are some of yours?

Feature image – Screenshot from Twilight

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