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Lloyd and Lauren’s Minimalist Wedding at The Capitol Kempinski

You know how sometimes things didn’t turn out as planned but what you got out of it is far more perfect than it could have been? It turns out to be the case for Lloyd and Lauren, the homeowners of @flat_bahru – a dedicated IG page where they chronicle sum HDB housey things in their eclectic and maximalist flat.

wedding at capitol kempinski
Photo courtesy of Lloyd and Lauren, taken by Love Me Tender

Originally set for June 2020, Lloyd and Lauren’s wedding would have been a multi-occasion affair that wouldn’t quite reflect their personality. But thanks to the pandemic, they had all the reasons to scale back the plan to just a single intimate gathering.

Much like how they had done up their living space their way, they had brought a similar laissez-faire approach to their wedding but this time in a minimalist fashion. It is a perfect illustration of how a wedding could truly just be a gathering with your closed ones. If big party has never been your thing, read on because you will come to appreciate the cosy celebration that Lloyd and Lauren had devised on their own!

We originally intended, because of the sheer number of guests, to have 3 separate occasions – which even from the onset sounds ridiculous and filled me with much fear. We were both very happy to scale this down to a single, intimate gathering. Most of what I experienced (emotionally) was relief – I’m not so much into big events, and this was really more along the lines of what I felt comfortable with.  Although there were some definite feelings of sadness that we couldn’t have everyone we wanted there at the wedding.


This single, intimate gathering took place in February 2021, with a church wedding ceremony at Cathedral of the Good Shephard, followed by a lunch reception at Capitol Kempinski where “the food was seriously top-notch.”

It was probably the best food I ever had at a wedding celebration. At the very least, people deserve a decent meal at a wedding.


Short and Sweet Does the Trick

Food was paramount to the couple and because they didn’t see this so much as an event, there weren’t a concept or theme that they worked with. They simply wanted everyone to have a decent lunch and a good time, and to keep it short.  

I realised that the best weddings I’ve ever been to were intimate, short ones – so perhaps that’s the only concept we had in mind. I also didn’t nit-pick on things I probably would have pre-pandemic – things like décor, flowers, etc. I felt like it should be less of a showcase and more of a pleasant lunch with people close to you. Things were not aesthetically perfect, but the food was excellent, and I was very happy.


Been There Done That

Even when things are kept to the minimal, weddings can sometimes still be a logistical nightmare especially when you are doing it for the first and only time! Lloyd and Lauren understood this so they called help from…

Friends who have been there and done that – nothing beats learning from experience. It definitely makes sense to approach your friends and get contacts and templates (e.g.  itinerary) from them so you don’t have to start from scratch. I know a lot of brides join Facebook groups as well, like SG Budget brides, which can be pretty useful for advice and cost benchmarks.


Now that they have been there and done that themselves, here are some tips they thought you should know:

On Logistics Planning

When it comes to logistics – COVID regulations made it much more complicated to execute (seemingly) simple things, and perhaps more planning on the operational front would have helped things move along more seamlessly. Things like timing (due to temperature taking), zoning and seating arrangements, seating permutations, are definitely worth giving more thought to in the planning stage.

On Live-Streaming

If you’re planning on doing live streaming, I would definitely suggest not going with the friend-holding-a-phone thing and hiring a professional. For the people joining for your wedding from home, it’s worth it.

wedding at capitol kempinski
And Finally

Keep things chill and be okay with things not turning out exactly the way you wanted it to. I’ve seen people planning for a miniature Cirque du Soleil and it’s just so nerve wrecking.

That is not to say Lloyd’s and Lauren’s wedding pre-covid would have been a bore because they were really hoping for some good curry and alcohol.  

We really wanted a performative Prata man at the church lunch reception but seeing as we weren’t allowed a church lunch reception, this was not possible. I also wanted everyone to get drunk and dance to 90s hits but instead what we had was a sober, sit-down lunch, which was also okay.

Lloyd and Lauren

And by “okay” does it mean the couple were glad they went ahead with their wedding during the pandemic?

wedding at capitol kempinski
Photo courtesy of Lloyd and Lauren, taken by Love Me Tender

A hundred and fifty percent. So many things can be helplessly attributed to ‘covid regulations’!

Lloyd and Lauren

At the end of the day, nothing beats having the kind of celebration that most resonated with you, and of course your tummy!

Thank you Lloyd and Lauren for sharing your wedding experience with us. We sure are looking forward to more maximalist updates on @flatbahru. Have a blissful marriage!

Professionals engaged for the wedding:

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