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Lionel and Leonie’s Vibrant Garden Wedding at Home

Lionel and Leonie were originally planning to wed on 4 July 2020 with a full day itinerary that will end with, what Leonie had hoped, “one heck of an afterparty”.

Needless to say, all that didn’t come to fruition. But what did come to bear was a finely put together garden wedding ceremony that took place at none other than…

There is no place like home! 🙂


Yes, right in the garden of their home! And that is precisely how we think weddings should be more about; a way for couples to express themselves with a wedding held in a space they call their own. 

For Lionel and Leonie, their home garden’s neatly trimmed grass and tropical plants had gracefully served as the base. Several vibrantly coloured flowers were then brought in to stand with the couple as they exchanged their vows in the presence of the eight guests they can have. On the side, Leonie’s family were streaming in from USA via a Zoom call that was set up. 

Our garden already had a lush green backdrop with pockets of colourful flowers. We just wanted to build upon on that with a few flowers stands to brighten things up.

Lionel & Leonie

Well, isn’t it lit? The careful selection of the flowers sure light up the entire space and mood of the celebration. On that, Joyce from JM Floral Creation shared with us a tip on how to ensure your flowers look great –

Timing of the event is important as the amount of sunlight affects how the colours on the arrangement will look.

Joyce, JM Floral Creation

Lionel and Leonie’s ceremony was a call to gather their nearest and dearest to see them embark on the next stage of their life and without a doubt everyone is elated!

Both of our families were still as delighted as ever that we got married and were starting this new chapter of our lives together!

Lionel & Leonie

While the wedding may not have been what they had envisioned at first, they still had one of the best days they could ask for with their garden wedding.

Even though things did not play out according to our original plan, it was still a blissful day of love and happiness. Tears of joy were shed; laughter filled the air and the sun literally emerged from the clouds to shine upon us (as it had just stopped raining just minutes before the ceremony began)!

Lionel & Leonie

As you can tell, it was a very happy, albeit private occasion. It might not be the afterparty that the couple is looking for just yet but if anything, their transformed plan to get wed right in their garden will no doubt become stories to be shared with many of their future generations to come.

Congratulations to Lionel and Leonie! If you would like to find out how the couple managed this change in their wedding plan, read about it here!

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