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How to Have a Sustainable Wedding?

Guess what’s the most common wedding theme most brides request for?

Over the course of our time in the wedding industry, one very popular concept we always hear of is “Nature”.

Bringing in nature into their wedding venue or incorporating such elements in different areas of their wedding is what most brides dream about. It could be in the form of floral decorations, wedding invitation designs or even just their wedding colours.

Perhaps we could all agree, nothing beats the beauty of what nature has to offer. But while we make use of what Mother Earth has given us, have you ever thought of how we can actually Go Green with our wedding plans?

With Earth Hour coming up this Saturday, we thought to share with you simple and small steps you can take to be more sustainable and greener with your wedding plans!

Go Digital

From Invites, to Envelopes, Menus, Table Numbers, Place Cards, so many paper goods are a one-time use for your wedding. Instead of printing these, opt for digital versions of these whenever possible!

Now that online RSVP is the go-to guest management tool in addition to sending out livestreaming links to your wedding, you can really streamline all these processes by opting to use digital invites instead. After all, you just need to include the links to these sites.

For stationery items used on the wedding day, instead of paper goods, you can choose to go with items that can be reused or kept as keepsake after the wedding!

Go Local with Purchases

We know, buying wedding items from Taobao can be a thrilling experience as you can find amazing items at very accessible prices. But the logistics and shipping generate tons of carbon footprint.

Instead, consider local artisans when buying items for your weddings. There are plenty of skilled creatives in our home ground and by purchasing locally, you get quality assurances too!


Edible/ Useful Wedding Favours

We know we know.. a lot of times wedding favours are being left on the table or goes unused when we bring them home. You can really choose not to gift any favours. Instead, the amount saved can be donated to a cause you believe in like efforts to save the environment.

If you must gift a favour, then go for edible ones. These also let your guests have something to munch on as they eagerly wait for you to march in.

Otherwise, you can also consider giving house plants. With working-at-home a norm now, many has become plant parents. These favours also serve a double function to enhance your table décor!

Repurposing Décor

Speaking of Décor, tons of flowers are disposed of after weddings. As pretty as they are, flowers do have a short life span. But you can try to utilise it as much as you can!

Consider repurposing your décor to give them a fresh life right after your wedding. Companies such as Bloomback and Refresh Flowers repurpose your flowers right after your wedding by arranging them into smaller bouquets that become gifts. These repurposed bouquets are sent to elderly homes or hospices to put a smile on their faces.


Foam Free Décor

Photo courtesy of Linnette & Keith, taken by Blocmemoire Photography
Photo courtesy of Linnette & Keith, taken by Blocmemoire Photography

Floral foams are a common way flowers are arranged into centrepieces. But these foams are essentially plastic and hence non-biodegradable. When conceptualizing your décor, talk to your florist to see how you can have foam-free arrangements instead. There are many florists now that opt not to use any foams at all!

Local Flowers

Another way to be more sustainable with your wedding décor is to choose a variety of flowers that are accessible locally. This reduces the need to import flowers from across the globe which results in the production of more carbon footprints.


Décor That Can Be Kept

Perhaps while you’re preparing for your wedding, you are also simultaneously getting your new house ready. In such a case, shop more consciously for items that can be used in both settings – your wedding and your new home. You can commission designs that you will want to keep at your new house and also use it at the wedding. This can be signages, posters, art pieces or even rugs and tableware.

Photo courtesy of Shauna & Rainer, by Annabel Law Productions
Photo courtesy of Shauna & Rainer, by Annabel Law Productions

You can also substitute some fresh flowers with preserved flowers too so you get to keep them after the wedding!


When choosing your wedding venue, go for one that’s easily accessible via public transport. This way you can minimise the number of guests who choose to go to your wedding using private transport. If your venue is a walk away from the nearest public transport stop, consider arranging shuttle buses for them so they don’t have to individually get private hire cars.

Even as we plan one of the most important days of our lives, we should remind ourselves to be environmentally conscious with our decisions. What might be a day for us leaves an impact on Earth that lasts far more than a day. 

These are just some ways you can make your wedding a bit more green. Do you have any other tips? Share with us!

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