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How This Couple Re-worked Their Plan to Tie the Knot on 10 Oct 2020

This article is part of our Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic: Covid-19 series.

With COVID-19 measures being constantly updated, some couples have opted to take the approach of sticking to their original wedding date. Some do it in a pro-active way by adapting their wedding plans according to the most recent measures while some have taken time to take a breather.


No matter which league you’re on, to give you some insights on how these couples managed to work through it, we hear from them about how their planning journey was like and how they stayed on top of their plans (and sane) during this period of fluidity.

Note that the interviews were conducted when Phase 2 was in place in Singapore.

Pandemic wedding in Singapore
Photo courtesy of Noel & Nadia

From what would have been a full day of wedding festivity for Nadia and Noel, the couple were forced to change their plans drastically to adhere to prevailing pandemic regulations. Everything, including the venue, vendors and plans had to be changed except for the wedding date, 10 October 2020; a day that was extremely popular to tie the knot this year.

Deciding to go ahead with a simple wedding ceremony witnessed by their family members, the couple set out to put their professional skills to good use. Nadia, a Landscape Architect, quickly sought out an ideal space to hold the nuptial, while Noel, a Project Manager, managed the logistics aspects. Family members each played a part to help bring the celebration to fruition. (Keen to see how the COVID-19 wedding play out? View the real wedding feature here!)

1. Describe your plans for your wedding day pre-COVID-19.

We planned to celebrate our wedding on one (1) day, 10 October 2020 – meaning gatecrash, solemnisation and banquet. Pretty much a standard local wedding schedule.

2. Use a word to describe your feelings when the pandemic struck.


3. How did the plan change and how did both of you arrive at this wedding arrangement?

Our plans definitely changed drastically and we arrived at this arrangement due to the restrictions and limited choices we had.

Firstly, our hotel decided to opt as one of the many hotels that serve as an isolation and quarantine venue. Therefore, we decided to go ahead with just solemnisation and postponed our wedding banquet to next year (2021). We hunted for a simple venue to have a simple gathering with our family of 19 pax (including the both of us). If my stepfather were able to fly in, that would hit the quota of 20 pax.

Secondly, our photographers and videographers were not permitted to travel in as they are foreigners. We too had to source for another vendor locally which was somewhat tough due to our popular date.

Pandemic wedding in Singapore
Photo courtesy of Noel & Nadia
4. How did you overcome the feelings you experienced when the plan changed?

Well, I would say communicating the feelings to each other, family and friends helped a lot. We had a very good support system every step of the way, so it was comforting.

5. Were there any wedding professionals who helped you along the way?

We decided not to have a planner as it’s a simple affair with family. If anything went wrong, it would still turn out okay! We weren’t too fussed in making things perfect, but we knew things would fall into place and if it doesn’t, it was meant to be!

6. Describe the wedding day!

It was a special day that was spent (really) with lots of love from our family. Noel sent out a schedule to our family a week before the wedding with call-times, list of things to bring, car allocation, etc. My family went in slightly earlier to do some decorations and styling to the venue. Everyone else came on time and we had a very candid solemnisation with laughter here and there.

It was unplanned and you could feel the warmth. We did have a family photography shoot which we wanted as everyone dressed beautifully in pastels/neutrals! After which we had a family lunch, split into 4 tables and called it a day!

Pandemic wedding in Singapore
Photo courtesy of Noel & Nadia
7. What planning resources did you rely on?

I guess the bulk of the resources were advice from people?

8. Any words of advice for engaged couples?

Don’t stress on the details and be happy! It’s a special day that ultimately consists of the two of you, don’t fret if things don’t go right.

9. If you could only change one thing about the wedding, what would it be?

Of course, if we could have spent it with more loved ones!

Committing to an agreed plan head on at the point of change had truly helped Noel and Nadia conquer this challenge as a couple together. Remaining open about their feelings and what is to come have also been the ways they cope with planning for a wedding during this pandemic.  

With the additional support from family and friends, they’ve managed to pull off a very cosy celebration that we’re sure each of their dear ones will remember for life!

If you’re unsure of how to proceed with your wedding plans, The Wed Mag’s ongoing series of Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic will be providing advice and tips as we navigate through COVID-19 weddings together.

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Feature image – Photo courtesy of Noel & Nadia

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