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Honeymoon Planning in a Pandemic

We have been talking about planning for weddings during a Pandemic for quite a while. But as wedding industry folks, one thing we’ve heard couples being most excited about is what comes after – Honeymoon! Now that international traveling is still pretty much restricted, here are some ideas on how to celebrate your nuptials after you’ve successfully tied the knot!


“Travel Locally”

If you’ve just gotten married, now is the best time to go on a mini honeymoon locally. With the SingapoReDiscover campaign, there are plenty of deals and promotions to explore! Here are some activities to help you put together an itinerary. You can even make it a pseudo overseas experience by choosing your accommodation and planning your activities around a specific theme!


Photo courtesy of Capella Singapore

With plenty of hotel deals around, indulge yourself with a romantic staycation.

If you’ve always wanted a luxurious honeymoon out in Ubud, Bali, consider properties like Capella Singapore where you can be far away from the city and be surrounded by lush greenery. Or if you’re all about taking this time to re-discover our local history, re-live the charm of 19th Century Singapore at the iconic Raffles Hotel.

Local Tours

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Accompany your staycation with local tours and see Singapore in a new light. There are all sorts of local tours available these days and there will surely be some that are up your alley.

If you’re still going for that luxe experience, consider this Crazy Rich Asian tour that lets you tour around like the crazily rich while travelling on vespa sidecars. For local history buffs, go on a Kampong experience at the last remaining Kampong village in Singapore or go on a walking tour that explores the hidden gems on our island.

Self-Planned Thematic Food Trails

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We can all agree that Singapore is a food heaven so go on a mission and plan out a thematic itinerary!

For those on their pseudo-Bali honeymoon, consider dining out at an authentic Indonesian restaurant. For those re-discovering the local culture, why not go hawker-hopping?!

Visit Museums, Tourist Spots or Seek Some Thrill

Photo courtesy of Singapore Art Museum

If you’re one who bathes yourself in the Arts when you travel, explore what the local museums and galleries have to offer. Otherwise hit up all the tourist spots now when there are no tourists!

If you’re more of a thrill-seeker, join an Outdoor Escape Room Game Tour to hunt for a serial killer or simply go for activities that get your adrenaline pumping such as wake boarding, jet packing, bungee jumping or ziplining!

Stay In

For those who’d rather stay in, chill and enjoy the hotel amenities, look out for any afternoon-tea offerings that may be available at the property you’re staying at or get a bath bomb and enjoy a nice bubble bath. Afterall, it is not everyday you get access to a bathtub!


If you’re not doing a staycation, there are still many ways to build a day-itinerary for your local honeymoon:

Wilderness Experience

Being surrounded by nature is always a good idea especially when we’ve been stuck in the city for the most part of 2020. Take a chance to disconnect and embrace nature (and each other 😉).


Photo courtesy of Changi Airport Group

Glamping is still pretty new to Singapore but definitely provides a one-of-a-kind experience! Imagine falling asleep while listening to the sea waves at East Coast Park, you might think you’re not in Singapore at all!  

Or if your travel bug is truly getting the better of you, you can choose to “glamp” at Jewel Changi Airport instead where you’re closer to the planes!

Pulau Ubin

Photo courtesy of NParks

Most of us probably haven’t been to Pulau Ubin since we were a kid, you may have different perspectives visiting it again with your new partner!

View the Elephants of Northern Thailand via Zoom

In this age and time, even animals have gone digital! An initiative by the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, you can now have a Zoom session with the elephants in Northern Thailand. The proceeds from these sessions will go to projects and the upkeeping of the elephants you meet.

Watch Game Reserve

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From the comforts of your home, you can tune into game drives happening live in South Africa. These safari livestreams take place daily with two timeslots and you get to ask guides questions while they go on a drive.


Over the Seas

Beach and seaside getaways have always been popular honeymoon choices. For the water-lovers, consider these options:

Charter a Yacht

Sail through the seas and have a romantic dinner while looking at Singapore from afar!

Sunset Sail and Dinner With Royal Albatross

Make your childhood pirate dream come true with this sunset sail by the Royal Albatross, but without a hooked arm or a talking parrot. Instead you get to enjoy a romantic dinner as the sun sets and watch the crew scale the masts (just like the way they do it in the past) to set sail.


We don’t have to say much about cruises. It is probably one of the most popular options to take now, as it almost resembles an actual vacation in normal times!

Honeymoon at Home

We now know home is truly the best place to be, and for those who have just moved in together, there are plenty of reasons why you’d rather spend time discovering this new shared space together. While doing so, why not add some fun activity to do?

Home Spa

Pamper yourself while being comfortable at home. Home spas such as The Spa Nomad offers a wide range of facial and massages both of you can enjoy together!

Private Chef

After spending days setting up the new place why not reward yourself by bringing a Chef to you? Plus, you get to see the true potential of your space by seeing what the hired private chef can serve out of your very own kitchen!

Netflix and Chill

We all know this – nothing feels most cosy and right at home than Netflix!

Prepping for Married Life

For those who wants to make the most out of the time you get to spend with each other, take this chance to prep for your married life together!

Go for Cooking Classes Together

Learn how to bake or cook. With most people still working from home for the foreseeable future, cooking will be an activity you can do together.

Learn How to Give Each Other Massages

Learn how to release tension and stress for each other by going for massage classes!

Hand-Make New Items for Your Home

Tombalek offers a wide range of classes you can take for great additions to your house. With festive seasons coming up, learn how to make a cheese board or chopping board for your new home! If you’re still furniture shopping, they even have classes for chairs and tables

We hope this gave you some ideas on how to spend your honeymoon. No matter what you decide to do, nothing is as important as the person you’re doing it with, right?

Feature image – Photo courtesy of National Heritage Board

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