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Getting Married During COVID-19

Remember Shiling and Weiyang who found themselves “lost” and stranded with their wedding plans when the pandemic struck? Well, despite all that uncertainty, they had chosen to bite the bullet to get themselves hitched as planned. And guess what, they are now happily married!

If you recall, the couple went through quite an upheaval in their wedding planning journey. Now that it is all done and dusted, we of course had to get inside dips on how they got through it so that you, who is in the midst of planning, can get yourself happily married too!

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Here’s all the questions you might find yourself wondering and to which the couple had very kindly responded. We hope it brings you a sense of surety as you trudge ahead with your plans!

1. Describe the wedding day!

It was a small and cosy wedding. Everything went on smoothly without much hiccups! As we had streamlined and did away with some of the customary stuff, we were ahead of our program and there was plenty of time for our outdoor shoot and lots of time to change and prepare for the ROM & Banquet in the hotel.

Also, besides the 过大礼 (Chinese Betrothal Ceremony), Fetch the Bride and tea ceremony, we have done away with the rest of the traditions to keep it simple.

2. Did the wedding plan go as per what you had in mind in September 2020 (which you had share with us previously)?

Yes, the wedding went as per our plan with some adjustments here and there.

We were notified quite at the last minute by the hotel that a photo display table is allowed but guests should not be touching the items on the table. My bridesmaids were there to save the day! They pulled out all their resources and materials to decorate the table and no one would have guessed that it was a last minute decision as the table was beautifully decorated!

tips for getting married
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3. How did you eventually “uninvite” the guests whom you had initially invited in Jan/Feb 2020 but now can’t have them at the wedding?

We have texted them personally to inform them that because of the current regulations, we were not able to invite them to our wedding. Everyone was very understanding and have given us their blessings and wishes via texts and we even receive some e-ang baos!

4. Looking back, is there anything that you would have done differently? Or anything you wish you had better prepare for?

That would be to have my facial done earlier instead of 6 days before the wedding day. There were still some scars but my skilful makeup artist, Valerie Tang, had helped to cover them all up!

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Initially we were deciding to have DIY live streaming for our solemnization but had dropped the idea as we have no prior experience doing live streaming and there were too many considerations and technical issues to settle on. Thinking back, it would have been better to engage a professional for the live streaming for a hassle-free experience and our close friends who were not able to attend can be “present and be part of” our wedding.

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5. Anything you wish you could have had but wasn’t able to?

Those pop-up counters for desserts and finger food! We both love food and had explored quite a number of local bakeries during the Circuit Breaker. We were hoping to engage them to provide some light snacks before the banquet but these were not allowed due to the regulations.

6. Any creative tips for brides who’re planning their wedding now?

Since the regulations have been relaxed quite a fair bit for weddings, wedding vendors are not included in the headcount! Infants are counted as 1 headcount. As our wedding size is really small, we were not able to invite our friend’s spouses and their children. Take this as a good opportunity for their spouse to bond with their kids.

7. Are you glad you went ahead with having your wedding during the pandemic?

Yes, we are! Although there were times of loss and uncertainty, we were glad that we worked them out together. At least, we can move on and focus on other aspects of life as a married couple!

8. What planning resources did you rely on?

Comments/reviews from Facebook page “budget brides” and articles from TheWedMag were useful in helping us to plan our wedding.

9. What are some memorable moments you remember from your wedding or planning?

Our pre-wedding shoot in Khao Yai! We were in an abandoned farm with rolls of trees as backdrop. Tons of insects were crawling up my gown and they were stuck in between the layers of my ball gown. While my husband was helping me to free the insects from the gown, my photographer and his team were helping me to check where to stand where there is no snake or to prevent me from stepping into a red ant nest! It was quite a nerve-wrecking experience for me!

When my parents unveil me at home, within seconds, I felt like going through an emotional roller coaster from feeling thankful of their 养育之恩, the 舍不得 feeling and feeling happy to receive their blessings.

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10. What is the estimated cost of the wedding? Is it significantly lower than if you have had a wedding pre-covid-19?

It was about 20-25k in total and yes, significantly lower than a pre-covid wedding.

11. What is something you were glad you splurged on?

Makeup artist. My bridal package includes the service of the makeup artist for the actual day. I was glad that the makeup artist I wanted, Valerie Tang, is within their list of partners. It was one of the best decisions despite the need to top up quite a bit. I didn’t have a good sleep and was looking rather worried (of the weather) and tired on the actual morning. Valerie was very cheerful (even in the wee hours of the morning) and cracked tons of jokes to make me relax. She also reminded me many times to relax and enjoy the day.

12. Any other words of advice for engaged couples?

Communications between couples, parents, in-laws and the wedding party is very important. Changes in plans and things not going your way are bound to happen, so try to compromise, and take things one at a time. Lastly, close one eye or even two eyes during the wedding. The most important thing is to enjoy your once in a lifetime moment!

Ditto! We agree wholeheartedly that communications is indeed one of the most important aspect when it comes to wedding planning. To give you a head start, we have even written an article about the topics you should approach when you are talking to the folks, check it out here!

Let us know if you like articles like such on our Telegram group. If so, we will bring you more insightful sharing from couples like Shiling and Weiyang!

And thank you to the couple for sharing their big day with us!

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