Iki Company

Company: Iki Company
UEN: 201933075D
Website: https://www.helloikicompany.com/
Email: contact@helloikicompany.com
Phone: Felicia +6591278543

Iki (いき) is an expression of simplicity, spontaneity and sophistication. It is ephemeral, and the basis from which we draw our aesthetic from.

Inspired by love and light, our hearts are always for intimate, raw and organic emotions that dawn from unscripted moments and sentimental connections.

We seek to document stories filled with honesty; the excitement and adventures, quiet moments, joyous laughter and silent tears – extraordinarily real moments created by an all-consuming love.

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Taking Cues From Oriental Paintings

After seeing countless Western-inspired wedding setups and styled shoots, aren’t we glad to come across something that highlights the beauty of the Orient in a fresh alluring way? This team of visionary wedding professionals gives us their take on how a setup inspired by ancient Oriental paintings could look like. They have redefined the world…