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Everitt Weddings specialises in wedding planning in Singapore. It strives to make professional wedding planning accessible and affordable to many couples in Singapore. With its very own collection of thoughtful and transparent service plans, selecting one that matches a bridal couple’s unique requirements and budget is now easier than ever! Everitt prides itself in crafting hearty, tasteful and chic wedding experiences to showcase every couple’s style and identity and balancing that with reliable practical support and impressive quality control. With a dedicated team of three or more supporting your wedding day, high quality work and peace of mind are assured. Everitt has received many good reviews for its professionalism and effective organisation. Embark on a journey with Everitt Weddings for your greatest celebration of love!

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Intimate, small, cosy, simple. These are the buzzwords surrounding wedding plans in the COVID-19 era. It has changed the way we celebrate love and marriage, casting aside long-established traditions of big celebrations from all different cultures. In Singapore, many couples are putting their wedding plans on hold, as they eagerly wait for the world to…