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Estate Soiree at Wheeler’s Estate With WEvents

When Wheeler’s Estate came into the local wedding scene, it quickly became the go-to venue for a nuptial that seemingly appear to have taken place overseas. Located at the redeveloped Seletar Aerospace Park, this countryside beauty has since witnessed countless couples pulling together their own version of a local “destination wedding” all but consistently encapsulating the essence of the estate – that bit of old-world charm.

From the same team that brought us such charming and iconic venue spaces, we now also have Sky Garden @ Gateway Theatre and Cargo39. Together with Wheeler’s Estate, events at all three venues will be handled professionally by WEvents, a hosting concept by Wheeler’s Estate. Instead of DIY-ing, couples can now entrust the bulk of the hosting burden to WEvents.  WEvents specialises in planning and hosting, managing different aspects of a wedding from F&B to on-site coordination to working with industry partners to cover areas such as wedding styling.


One such wedding styling partner is HellofromFlour known for their ability to transform a space into a haven that looks as if it has come out of a Pinterest board. This collaboration between WEvents and HellofromFlour has produced not one but three styled shoots held independently at each of these venues.

The first of these styled shoots, Estate Soiree, took place on the grounds of Wheelers’ Estate with a concept centred around the four elements of Matter – Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Wheeler’s Estate comprises of several beautiful, interconnected spaces, each carrying its own characteristic and ambience. As such, HellofromFlour took advantage of that unique individual charm and styled the spaces differently. They derived the concept from the four Elements of Matter. Every visible thing is made up of some combination of earth, water, air and fire, and they are all interrelated, which fits the context of interconnected spaces of Wheeler’s Estate.


The Verandah | Earth

The Verandah sits on the upper level of the estate with a dining hall surrounded by old world glass windows and white-washed walls. It is a grounding space and is the perfect canvas for all kinds of design elements to work in harmony within its confines. Here, much of the emphasis was placed on the flowers. The way several pops of colour sprouted out of each table spoke true to the language of Earth; hellofromflour had turned this space to represent the effortless way “earth laughs in flowers.”

The spatial design was inspired by the luscious greenery and gardenscape of Earth, making an indoor space looking like it is straight out of a secret garden, yet at the same time, elegant, refined, and down to earth. HellofromFlour focused a lot of the design on the florals, allowing them to speak for itself.


In the Woods | Fire

Set in the wooded area of Wheeler’s Estate is a spot perfect for an enchanted ceremony. Here, Mother Nature has decided to bear witness to all the unions that are to come in the form of a massive tree. We could imagine this magical tree lending its arms to a multitude of décor elements but HellofromFlour had went with strings of lights suspended at varying heights. With the lush greeneries surrounding this space, the warm glow from the bulbs overhead and those in the rattan lanterns at the base of the tree, we felt as if we’ve set foot into a magical enclave.

The ceremony area was kept in its original state, outdoors in the wooded area, flanked by beautiful greenery and a massive statement tree with lots of suspended night lights. Most wedding solemnisations are either before lunch or dinner reception when the sun is setting. But why not a night solemnisation right?


Sky Deck | Water & Air

The Sky Deck is meant to let one feel light and airy and that is precisely the concept HellofromFlour has created here. Instead of flower arrangements bundled into a single centrepiece, HellofromFlour set out to line the tables with individual stalks of flowers held in custom-made test-tubes. The spaces in between each stalk become a part of the arrangement and sure has a way to make one feel light-hearted instantly. It is an ingenious way to keep things simple, chic yet impactful!

HellofromFlour wanted their design to reflect the airiness of the space, celebrating all things beautiful while keeping everything relaxed, charming and intimate.

The set-up actually encourages the wedding guests to pick the flowers they want and bring them back after the wedding reception – something like a floral bar that can be used as a wedding favour too.


With the various spaces available at Wheelers’ Estate, we could see how the shoot was conceptualized to take us through each of them with a new sense of wandering. It only makes us feel more in touch with nature and is a respite for anyone standing on its grounds waiting for the next big adventure to unfold.

We aim to make our guests feel like they are going on a journey, experiencing each space differently; appreciating the quality of space of which it is trying to portray. It flows perfectly with the brand direction of Wheeler’s Estate – a place to escape for an adventure.


To find out more about Wheeler’s Estate weddings, visit their page here.

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