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Engaging a Professional Emcee for Your Wedding

If you’ve decided to hire a professional wedding emcee for your wedding perhaps you too agree that everyone can talk, but that not everyone is born to talk.

We always view the emcee as the most powerful person in a reception. It is simply because he/she, through speaking, is able to command the mood and atmosphere of the celebration. In other words, they will essentially be the one to determine the kind of impression your guests will leave with at the end of the wedding.  


For such an important role, you wouldn’t want to risk picking the wrong person. If you’re unsure about what you should be asking or looking for when engaging a professional emcee, read on!

Take out your notepad because by the end of this article, you will have crafted your criteria list and a persona of the emcee you’re looking for!


Style – not what your emcee will be wearing (although if we were to argue it is pretty important too), but their style of delivery.

There are emcees more specialised in formal weddings, and there are also emcees more well-versed in fun-loving and light-hearted weddings. Knowing the type of reception and entertainment you want for your wedding will determine what kind of emcee you are looking for.



Understand your guests’ demographics – what language would they be more comfortable with? Would they relate more with someone who adds bits and pieces of dialect as they speak? Would being a native speaker of a particular language help your guests feel more at ease?

Knowing this will direct you towards the emcees who are proficient in the types of language you want.  

If need be, you may have to hire two emcees so that they can each cover the specific languages you require.

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Games and Entertainment

To engage the guests, you may look into having some activities or playing a game or two during your reception. Games can range from those involving the guests or just the couple. Knowing what type of games the emcee is familiar with or good at hosting will give them a better edge at hyping up the crowd and making the reception more enjoyable.

Some emcees do charge additional fees for hosting games so do check with them beforehand! At the same time, you may wish to set aside gift prizes for the winners of the game(s).


Details in Package

When enquiring for their service, look into the details in their package:

  1. What type of services will be offered?
    For example, do you require an emcee for your solemnisation ceremony in addition to your reception? If so, there might be additional charges.
  2. Is pre-wedding meetings or rehearsal included?
  3. Is there an additional cost if you would like him/her to perform?
  4. Do they require any meals or items to be provided by you?
  5. Does he/she need an assistant to coordinate with?

Past Hosting Experience and Reviews

Request for their showreels or clips of them hosting. Due to privacy reasons, their actual hosting videos may not be publicly available so do ask if you can have some of these to watch in private.

These clips will help you get a better sensing of how they speak and present themselves in front of an audience. From there, you can gauge if their energy level and delivery format is what you want at your own wedding. 

Also, look at their testimonials! Most often than not, happy guests will give you happy couples. So if guests enjoy the wedding experience thoroughly, couples will be very happy to leave a ravishing review of the emcee. You can look out for those as well.

With the above, you will be able to sieve through the many emcees available with greater ease. All the best and cheers to your perfectly hosted reception!

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