Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Editor’s Note

Hello, how are you?

Since the start of 2020, life has gone by in a blur hasn’t it? Days blurred into nights and nights turned into months. In particular, the last few have left us feeling stagnated, helpless and pretty much in a state of surrender – like a swimmer unexpectedly being thrown into sea and having to swim for days on end without any sight of land is now left drifting with the currents. There is a sense of heaviness, yet we know with unspoken resolute that land would surface again someday and we will step ashore again once more.

It was in this state of “drifting” that The Wed Mag (short for The Wedding Magazine) was built. We wanted very much to be able to reach out to you, no matter who and where you are. We want to rejoice in the fact that you are unalone and we could all sing along to the waves at sea and pull each other tighter during this challenging time.

Only time will tell what land we would eventually arrive on and what kind of treasures and challenges would await us. Yet we know in order to arrive at it, to hang on we must.

It might seem almost impossible to move forward with plans and happy occasions, but we hope with this time and this evolving platform, we can bridge everyone (professionals and engaged couples) even closer together. It is our deepest hope that the resources couples find here become a trusty handbook to them, much like a lifebuoy. And to the professionals, it is a place they could learn, borrow and give support to one another, serving much like a lighthouse.

As we navigate our way out of the rough sea slowly but surely, we welcome you to share this space with your loved ones and your distant friends, or if you prefer, to keep it as your little secret.

Collectively, we could turn this helpless time into helpful time!

Stay safe and stay afloat, friends!

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