Friday, September 22, 2023

Editor’s Note

Dear Friends,

How has 2021 been treating you? It was a slow start for us, but things shifted pretty quickly as we glided through the first quarter of the year. Our emotions seemed to have moved in tandem with every piece we worked on (is it because Mercury was in retrograde?). Thankfully, these were things we’ve always been eager to do, like sharing inspiration and helping you make sense of wedding planning.

Now that we’re some time into Phase 3, we’re starting to see the fruits of labour from couples who got through their wedding plans in 2020. We are fortunate to be able to indulge ourselves in their stories. All of them have revealed very beautiful and insightful tales about their journey! They have moved us in all sorts of ways, and we find ourselves laughing and shedding a tear or two alongside each memory they share. (We consider this one of our greatest job perks!) We only hope we have been able to translate all of that through every Real Wedding Features we’ve published.

What has equally warmed our hearts is receiving unquestionable support from our industry friends, who also believe in this community that we are building. More so, we’re beyond joyful to be able to celebrate not just their professional success but also their individual milestones. Many of them are being proposed to, getting married, starting families, or even pivoting their businesses! It has been such a pleasure to be able to share their personal stories with you!

With all the love that we’ve received, we believe our way to give back is to help you in an area we know best – by putting plans and people together from Day One. This means empowering you to make sense of wedding planning, and helping the right vendors find you.

Therefore, besides putting together helpful content, we’ve also been working tirelessly to build our wedding directory. This is for you to have access to all the amazing vendors you need to form your wedding Dream Team. If you read through all our Real Wedding Features, you will realise all the couples spotlighted on the people in their A Team. It is all they need to pull through wedding planning, and we believe you can have yours too!

So, keep your eyes peeled as we continue to improve what we have currently built in our directory. We welcome any feedback and comments you might have, so please do send us a note if anything crosses your mind. Otherwise, make us feel all the feels by sharing and submitting your wedding to us here!

Be well and stay hopeful, friends!

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