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E-invites – Fuss-Free Templates and Customisable Options From Local Designers!

Nothing beats the feeling of holding an exquisitely designed and printed invitation card in your hands. Afterall, tons of hours are poured into it by the couple, designers, and printers to ensure every detail is perfected. There are tons of variables at play besides just the design, from paper texture and thickness to word placement, colour combinations, printing methods…the list is endless. It is almost an art by itself, so it is not a surprise a whole industry is dedicated to it!

Even so, the demand for e-invites is increasingly on the rise; if not as a replacement to physical invite but an accompaniment to one. Of course, this can also largely be attributed to the discerning population who are now more environmentally conscious and have made an effort to opt out of receiving a physical invite when being asked if they would like to have one.


Depending on how you view it, e-invites can be an alternative to an actual invitation card or a complementary item to a physical card. Sometimes there is just the need to retain this bit of age-old tradition of formally inviting someone with a physical card. The good news is, no matter which league you’re on, there are loads of creative ways to customize this medium. (Think video, GIFS, animations!).

With further integration, weblinks on your e-invite can be the gateway to a full-fledged RSVP website and help do away with those administrative nightmares of collating guests’ attendance and their dietary requirements.


These electronic invites have also proven themselves to be extremely useful in times like this when uncertainty and fluidity is the norm. Being a digital avenue, not only can multiple edits be done on the e-invite instantly, it can also be disseminated immediately.

If you have not incorporated this digital element in your wedding, we have some very lovely options made available by our own local designers!

Pine on Paper – for access to multiple local designers

Design from Pine on Paper

Pine on Paper is a local stationery house with a variety of ready-made invitation designs available. If you’re going for a hybrid e-invite and physical invite arrangement, they also offer printing services that is done in-house!

Their large collection of e-invite features work done by their own designers as well as other local talents such as Pearlyn and Paper, Dora Prints, Paper Goods and more!

Done through their website, the ordering process is made fuss-free and easy, with a quick turn-around time.

A Brush with Mel – for calligraphy and stationery suite

Design from A Brush with Mel

Exquisitely designed, A Brush with Mel has a series of digital invites that are semi customizable. Melissa, the designer behind A Brush with Mel, is well-known for her calligraphy and florals painting. She undertakes projects that extend beyond just invite design to wedding actual day stationery. Go to her if you would like a suite of designs that pulls all your wedding stationery needs together.

The form format ordering process is also user-friendly.

The Graphic Designers – for expertise and experience in different forms

Design from The Graphic Designers

The Graphic Designers have been around for almost a decade and have truly seen how much the industry has evolved. Starting off as event designers, they have an extensive collection of design collaterals for weddings and social events. Their expertise covers a range of design format from physical invites, digital invites to even videos!

Kickstart the process by making the order through their site and their designers will be in touch in a couple of days with more details! Customization options are also available.

Desseign Things – for something modern and uniquely you

Design from Desseign Things

Desseign Things offers something different and something unique. Their designs are more modern and is suitable for those who prefer what is less commonly seen and traditional. For those seeking a unique offering that is only available to you, Desseign Things does custom illustrations of you and your partner!

You can opt for digital versions or if you’d like something in print, they provide special rates for that as well.  

Papercranes Design – for postponement announcement

Design from Papercranes Design

If everything is already in place and you just need a digital file to announce your new wedding date, go to Paprecranes Design!

Aeri from Papercranes is a local designer with architectural background. Her “unsave the date” announcement card is fuss-free and easy to order. Just insert your wedding dates and names and get your downloadable e-invite in two days!

Now that you know how easy it is to get started, there is no excuse to not have access to these local artists who can help you make a statement with your wedding stationery even if it is through a screen!

Feature image – Design from Desseign Things

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