The Kevin Seah Group

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    The Mill, 5 Jalan Kilang 03-01, 159405, SINGAPORE, Singapore
    Detailed Information

    Renowned bespoke tailor and artisanal menswear store.

    Kevin Seah trained as an apprentice in women’s tailoring at a tender age of 17. After over two decades of hands-on experience, he founded the Kevin Seah Group to craft quality bespoke and made-to-measure menswear in 2009. Over the years, the Kevin Seah Group has built a reputation as the premier modern tailor and men’s outfitter in Singapore.

    Offering an incomparable selection of the finest cloth, catering to each client’s individual needs and tastes, KEVIN SEAH specialises in design-savvy garments balancing classic elegance and contemporary comfort. Proudly Singaporean, we celebrate our Southeast Asian origins while embracing the best craftsmanship and materials the world has to offer.

    Price Range
    $3,500 - $8,000