Thursday, September 21, 2023

D E L I C A T E – A Raw and Light Styled Shoot

Unlike the vibrant cheer most styled shoots are designed to deliver, this series of imagery had jolted us out of our usual frame of reference and perhaps also a little out of ourselves.

The focus on subdued colours, had unwittingly given us permission to unground and to dream of something a little wild and be a little daring to uncover the underrepresented self even for just a little while.

Just like that, Ashley and Shermaine from The Wildest Dreams, together with Shilbe of Still Life Florals had taken us into what they call “A moment of reverie both mysterious and dramatic.”

This shoot was designed with the intention to evoke an air of mystic and lightness. Challenging ourselves by pushing the boundaries of creativity and steering away from the conventional visual cues, we strived to imbue a sense of beauty in imperfection and the unrestraint with the final imagery.

The idea is to introduce a mood of raw romanticism, delicacy, and fragility all in one frame.

Ashley & Shermaine – The Wildest Dreams

The concept speaks the language of vulnerability and how even moments of such carries its own kind of effortless beauty; the idea that seemingly opposing notions can come to create something authentic – like the interplay between light and shadow.

When The Wildest Dreams approached me with the brief and mood board, they wanted to focus on lighting and shadow with a raw and organic vibe. The concept of light and shadow really spoke to me.

Shilbe – Still Life Floral

As we invite ourselves to view the images up close, we were drawn in by the intricacy of every single detail. The shapes of the leaves, the textural and colour differences in each element used and how they all interspersed with each other. Indeed, great thought was taken to assemble all these little pieces to create this look of intrigue.  

Material selection was key to create the effect I envisioned, offering silhouettes with a lot of texture.

Shilbe – Still Life Floral

For the tablespace, we used dried and preserved materials. I especially loved the clematis seed head vine that I had hand-carried from Korea, which added a delicate quality to the setup.

Shilbe – Still Life Floral
the wildest dreams weddings
Photo courtesy of The Wildest Dreams

For the bouquet representing ‘light’, I used stipa grass and lunaria to create a mood of ethereal lightness. The lunaria’s paper thin leaves offers an iridescent quality with pearl and silver.

Shilbe – Still Life Floral
the wildest dreams weddings
Photo courtesy of The Wildest Dreams

For the bouquet representing ‘shadow’, I used dyed purple carnations as a base,

with branches to create a stronger presence, juxtaposed with muhly grass to add a touch of wispy. Furry clematis seed heads and dark chocolate cosmos were added for another layer of daintiness.

Shilbe – Still Life Floral

Appreciating this set of imagery had felt like a journey of inner exploration. The hidden crevices of one’s wildest dream is brought to light with understated elegance, and we are left with a lingering sense of delight and liberation.

If you have been equally intrigued, Ashley, Shermaine and Shilbe would like you to explore more unique perspectives and texture in your own wedding. And if you’re looking to tag along to their version of this journey of delicacy and lightness, a similar setup will start from $4000.    

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