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TWM Current Obsession – August 2020

Split Day Celebration

Why have only one day of celebration when you can have two! Here are some reasons why The Wed Mag team loves the idea of split-day weddings:

More Time
You get more time with a split day celebration which allows for a more relaxed schedule. And that allows you to enjoy every moment with your guests.

Mix of Traditional & Western Elements
Being in Singapore places us in a unique position where we are influenced by both Eastern and Western customs. It is not uncommon for couples to want to incorporate these significant traditions into their nuptials. (Think: “Fetching of Bride” before daybreak, “Tea Ceremony”, “First Look” for a Western ceremony etc). Such activities usually give rise to a wedding schedule that is jam-packed and logistically taxing for everyone.

Photo by Acapella
Photo by Acapella

By separating the activities into two days, for instance one day for the traditional activities and the next day for your ceremony and reception, you eliminate the need to rush and travel back and forth within a certain timing before getting to the venue to prepare for the reception. Your bridal party will thank you for this and they will be able to enjoy the day as much as you! As a bonus, the custom-made cheongsam you tailored can be worn for a longer period of time!

More Options!
Can’t decide between two colour schemes? A split day celebration lets you have the best of both worlds by allowing you to have multiple complementing concepts or designs for your wedding.


Intimate Home Weddings

With the current restrictions due to Covid-19, many couples have opted for intimate or home weddings, which The Wed Mag team has loved for years! Homes are the most unique wedding venues available to you, and you get to save on venue rental fees!

There are also so many different ideas you can play around with home weddings, from having your own potluck party to hiring a private chef. Getting to see the chef in action right in your kitchen is a whole new experience altogether!

Wedding of John & Jolin | Photo by Andri Tei

Virtual Weddings

Virtual Wedding is the 2020 answer to connecting guests from all over the world who can’t make it to your wedding ceremony due to either distance or restrictions on guest size.

For the couples who have always dreamed of a wedding without too much guest interaction, virtual weddings offer an opportunity for you to bring the celebration online and saves you from the endless amount of small talks you would otherwise have to make. At The Wed Mag team, what we love about Virtual Weddings in particular is the ability to record the wedding in real time and immediately after, you could watch and share the video with your closest attendees! You could also replay the heartfelt speech given by a bridal party that you might not have the chance to listen to carefully during the virtual session because you were too occupied with weeping away at their words!

Floral Donation

The use of flowers after a wedding has always been something brides would bring up during the wedding process. Because of the amount of flowers that are being thrown away after just a single use, it has given rise to social organizations who would repurpose these flowers for better use.

These organizations would usually pick up the flowers post-reception at a small fee. They will then work through the night to prevent the flowers from wilting. The flowers will then be repackaged into small bouquets before being gifted to elderlies, nursing homes or hospitals. In this way, the flower’s life is being extended while also bringing a smile to someone else!

Feature Image – Photo by Bridget Flohe on Unsplash

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