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COVID-19 Weddings in Event Spaces, an Insight With Maison Miaja

This article is part of our Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic: Covid-19 series.

Planning a wedding has never been an easy feat to begin with. The arrival of COVID-19 has made it all the more challenging with the need to constantly adhere to prevailing (and changing) government measures.

As of 29th October 2020, couples are allowed to host only one reception for up to 100 persons (or lower based on the venue’s safe capacity) with additional requirements on zoning and grouping of guests. (Please refer to the official GoCovid’s site for the most updated rules and measures.)


With the venue’s safe capacity and limitations being the starting point from which to determine what can and cannot be done, we speak to several venue operators in Singapore on how they’re managing with the restrictions as well as any tips they have for couples when planning their guests list.  

In this article, Maison Miaja, gives us an insight on how things are being managed at their event space that is unlike a typical restaurant or a ballroom. (For insights on how restaurants are doing the same, read our interview with restaurant operators here.)

Featured Venue:
Founded by Isabelle Miaja, who also established the award-winning interior design firm Miaja Design Group, Maison Miaja is an event space that allows all types of creative collaborations to thrive in an all-encompassing way. In this space, you can host a product launch, an exhibition and even a wedding! Located in River Valley, Singapore Maison Miaja is becoming “the” place to host an exclusive, one-of-its-kind intimate celebration.

On Zoning Requirements –

With effect from 3 October 2020, if the venue permits, receptions with 50 to 100 persons must adhere to a zoning requirement of not more than 50 persons in a zone. Zoning rules also include the need to have a 3-metre gap and a continuous physical barrier or a solid partition of 1.8 metre or taller between zones.

Although the current regulation allows only for 2 zones of 50 guests each, the Singapore Ministry has announced plans to allow for more zones at wedding receptions as we move into Phase 3 before the end of 2020. With over 378 square metres of space, Maison Miaja is able to create up to 3 zones of 50 guests each.

Photo courtesy of Maison Miaja

On Venue’s Flexibility With the Ever-Changing Safety Measures

Built with the intention to host different kinds of events from the beginning, Maison Miaja is mostly unrestricted by space configuration and is hence highly adaptable to the changing government measures:

In the current climate and living with COVID-19, as a venue we want to ensure our clients feel that (our) space is adaptable. As the regulations shared by the government are changing, as a venue we are comfortable with accommodating this and ensuring that social distancing measures are taken into place.

Julian Miaja – Director, Maison Miaja

The team works closely with their couples to finalise a desired floor plan that gives them the kind of celebration they want:

I think it is important that the couple is happy with the final floor plan, then they can comfortably plan their guest list depending on the type of wedding they are looking to have.

Julian Miaja – Director, Maison Miaja

On Guest List Planning

For the safety of all guests, receptions with more than 20 attendees must be split into a designated core “wedding party” comprising up to 20 persons and groups of up to five people for the remaining guests. At least 1 metre safe distancing must be observed between groups, as well as between the “wedding party” and other groups, at all times.

Besides grouping your guests according to the rules, the team at Maison Miaja also shared an additional tip when planning your guest list:

I believe there is no right or wrong way when putting together a guest list but should it be a family or friends and extended relatives, my advice would be that there should be good synergy and a mixture of both so that those who do not see each other often have the opportunity to connect and catch-up. So long as they are adhering to the safe distancing measures of course.

Julian Miaja – Director, Maison Miaja

Since the start of the pandemic, many Singaporeans have yet to have the chance to gather with their family (especially extended ones) all at one place. Weddings are the happy occasions that everyone can celebrate together and we at The Wed Mag agrees wholeheartedly with this unique perspective!

Photo courtesy of Maison Miaja

On Approaching the “New Normal” –

Sharing about how being “adaptable” has been crucial for them in weathering the COVID-19 storm, Maison Miaja has also highlighted the importance of finding the right people to work together now and in the future.  

Throughout this period, we reached out to our partners in F&B, Furniture Rental, Florists, and AV technicians to see how we could work to offer a streamlined package for our Clients. Working with likeminded and experienced partners has definitely made things a lot easier not only for us as a venue but for our Clients. With open communication, support and cooperation, I believe that we will ride through this COVID storm and future ones.

Julian Miaja – Director, Maison Miaja

They have reminded us that in the face of a crisis, it is the team who works alongside you that helps push you through to the other side. It is worth noting that selecting the right professionals and vendors on your wedding planning journey is as important as selecting the partner you say “yes” to!

With understanding the venue’s configuration and limitation as a starting point, we hope this article has been helpful for couples who are planning their wedding during this pandemic. They could serve as a guide for the questions you can ask your venue operator as well. Do keep in mind that regulations and measures are likely to change and to communicate with your venue first-hand before making any decisions pertaining to the reception.

Check out more about Maison Miaja here. A special thank you to Maison Miaja for sharing their thoughts with us.

If you are a couple thinking of starting off your planning journey now and have questions, feel free to drop us a message here.

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